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The Pontiac G8 GT will get a manual option for 2009.
Big deal.

Most mid sized cars are bought with an automatic, sporty or not.
And the V8 G8 isn’t really setting record sales. So a 6 speed won’t really make a difference. I wonder if dealers will even carry them of if it might turn out to be something you have to order from the factory.

I nice move, but it’ll mostly just make car magazines happy. They might be the only ones who will find one to drive.

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  1. I test drove a G8 a few months back and was very surprised by the car, my one hold back was the no auto option.

    I may have to take another look at this next time I go shopping.

  2. wake up people, junk is junk, it doesn’t matter what it has, it will also have poor quality and very poor resale vale. anyone remember the Merkur from ford, same bullcrap , different time!

  3. What do you mean ” big deal? ” It’s a very big deal actually. This will further reinforce the idea that this is a performance car. A car marketed as a BMW fighter must be offered with a manual, just like a 335 and a G37. Even though most people will buy it with an auto.

  4. gas guzzling? You people are too stupid to get a good paying job so gas is expensive for you. $4 gas is pocket change to those who are not lazy jackasses.

  5. I bet in a year from now nobody will remember that this car even exists. I guess nobody is talking about the CTS either and it is not even a year yet! GM’s marketing hype was trying so hard to convince the public that it is a beautiful design…NOT! I have probably come across only a… handful in the past 6 months. I do not mean to be offensive, but, there is something about GM and its designs that make me yawn.

  6. I think the manual will be a big deal in the GXP, but not the regular G8. A few enthusiasts will get the manual in the regular G8 but most of the sales will be with auto’s. I would think resale value with the automatic would be higher too. Just think, it’s waaaay easier to hang half way into the back seat, telling your kids, “don’t make me come back there!” with an auto, than with a manual. I do like manual transmissions and currently drive a manual but in a car like this, I would get the manumatic, even with the GXP. But that’s me, and what the heck do I know. Uhh…don’t answer that.

  7. Anon 8:01…

    ” I guess nobody is talking about the CTS either and it is not even a year yet! “

    Uh, the CTS-V has been on just about every recent magazine cover of every auto rag. That’s the one everyone’s been waiting for.

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