Mercedes SLC???

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Apparently, Mercedes is really considering a car above the SL.

Let’s pray it doesn’t look at all like this illustration.
Drugs might be an excuse. Or way, way too much drinking. Too fast.

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  1. 1 – I don’t think the car in the pic looks bad. It certainly doesn’t look like a Merc, but not bad at all if you ask me
    2 – I’m surprised that Merc are willing to keep flogging this horse after the commercial failure of the SLR. I’m not complaining, as any regular car nut I’m always happy to gawp at new supercars that I will never be able to afford, but I’m surprised.

  2. The whole car is real weird looking. I hate the headlights and the airdam, but I do like the grill, hood, and side vents.

  3. I like it, this is something new and thats a good thing. It has some 1950s 300sl characteristic thing going on also.

  4. I think it actually looks really nice. Change the headlights, and keep the grill, modify the front spoiler, and they could have a real winner.
    I think Mercedes would do good if they tried to include some heritage into their styling. They made beautiful cars in the 60s and 70s, now their C clas looks like a Camry….

  5. I like the freaky front end. Something different. Aggressive.

    I can do without everything aft of it save the wheels.

  6. Looks like a MB grill on a Jaquar XK hood with Corvette ZR1 fender/door treatment. WTF! I guess they are desperately runing out of ideas.

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