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They do look pretty real.

But it also looks more like a concept than a production model.

We’ll see….

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  1. That might be the CX-3 which will presented to the Russian media sometime soon or some design study, but definitely not the Mazda 3

  2. Honda has an extremely close platform concept vehicle under development right now, that is a dead ringer for this Mazda 3. It is smaller than the current CR-V, about the size of a Toyota Matrix. It is slated to either be released below the current CR-V, or be the new replacement for the CR-V in a few years. It has vertical tailights and a oval rear window, with a similar front end.

  3. Looks sexy, i agree it has a lot of Alfa Romeo sexy charm in it. Burlap where did you find these photos?

  4. i like it, but find the rear lights a little small from directly behind, with a big expanse of sheetmetal.
    it is starting to look like a concept: big big wheels, fancy exhaust, tiny stylish mirrors, low glass area on the sides. it certainly fits in with Mazda’s recent concepts.

  5. I attended a Mazda consumer clinic for the 2010 Mazda3 (both sedan and hatchback). I can tell you that the front is pretty accurate to the model that we were shown, but the rear is more a progression of the current model. I felt like the 2010 sedan looks much more modern. If Mazda keeps the interior the same as the mock-up we were shown, it is going to be killer (a more luxurious environment with a bit of Civic swoppiness and techy crap).

  6. Sent to you by a reader? Methinks you’ve got yourself an official studio leaker. Every company has one, you should be honoured to be the hub chosen to get them distributed through. This blog just officially became a Mazda design clinic..
    Overall I like it. I think they could be even a bit more bold with the Taiki styling cues though – howabout changing the mesh grilles for some flowing interlocking waves like on the Nagare/Hakaze. And the rear isn’t quite taut enough – looks like a Hyundai i30 that started to melt. Fabulous mirrors. Be bold Mazda!

  7. I love how this looks, but I say

    1) no way those side-views make production, and
    2) The integration of the hatch into the rear bumper looks unlikely, plus the fact that the rear tailamps have no seam to be incorporated into the hatch.

    As I said, i like this and hope it come3s off looking like this, but those things make it unlikely.

  8. It’s definitely not the 2010 Mazda3 but someone had fun with photoshop.

    Notice how they used the exclusively corporate logo for the tags?

  9. The rear will take a bit of getting used to but it will grow on you i guess.
    I hope it has a reversing camera because reversing into tight spaces would be rather difficult through lack of rear vision.
    For most people anyway.

  10. It would be nice if we could see the simularity between these pictures and the Honda the previous post talked about. Perhaps they would shed some light on the authenticity of these photos.

  11. If they build anything close to this.. I’ll go look.
    This is something like I was Hoping Suzuki would do with the SX4 hatch(…supposedly, heard Suzuki is gonna have a 5 door/fwd car…based on the sedan, and 4wd though)..but, i doubt it(I liked the Reno design…but not Daewoo who built it..was hoping for a Suzuki-built, updated version).
    This will suffice!
    It looks like a 3 door, almost/coupe-like(not wagon or truck-like).

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