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These are looking really close to the spy shots. So I guess the car will pretty much look like that.

I just wonder where a new Cabrio will fit in the lineup. Between the still popular new Beetle convertible, and the Eos…
I guess it will be around 2025 by the time VW finds the time to sell us this as the next Rabbit…

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  1. From the looks of the cabrio, I think it will sport the GTI in its genes. Look at the mesh grill above the chin spoiler compared to the front fascia of the sedan(above). I’m also guessing that this will have a cloth top in order not to harm EOS sales.

  2. the golf cabrio is a lot smaller than the eos… the eos actually is more like a passat converible… i think the golf is even smaller than the beetle convertible, at least in the front seats, since the beetle is VERY roomy in the front seats… no trunk space and rear seats for very short people though….

  3. Exactly, the Eos is much larger and much more expensive and the Beetle is not exactly for every taste or pocket either. The Golf is smaller, cheaper, more conventional looking and has a cloth roof. Burlapp Volkswagen is planning on selling the next Golf almost immediately after Europe so i don’t get your argument..

  4. I have an old Cabrio. The top was designed so that it sits on top of the deck, taking up no space in the trunk and allowing more room for the rear seat passenger. From this photo, the back seat looks miniscule, and the trunk is probably small as well. Given that and Volkswagens well deserved reputation for poor customer service and expensive to maintain and repair vehicles, I will not be getting a new one. When I give mine to one of my kids, or I get tired of plunking money into it, I would probably go for a Mini.

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