New Acura NSX

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Finally. Not that many people will actually buy one.

But here is proof they’re still working on it.

Click on the title to see it testing in Europe.

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  1. I disagree that it will not sell. The original NSX was way out there design wise. It was pretending to be an exotic car without being one. This baby looks great, even in camouflage.

  2. I always assumed that an NSX had to be mid-engined. In fact, I thought the new one would be based on the HSC concept from some years ago. This looks OK for a sporty coupé, but much less spectacular in my opinion

  3. Acura is too late. If the NSX came out earlier this decade, it could have had a good 5 year run before getting discontinued.

    But it wont last now at $4+ a gallon.

  4. this car can run 3 laps around the ZR1. Honda makes the world’s best sports cars, faster than Porsche or Ferrari.

    Black haired square headed people build it, so it must be extremely good. Something about the black hairedness and square heads put together makes better products.

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