New Fiesta in the streets

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And we are getting the all new Ford Fiesta in the US. Both sedan and hatchback will be offered to us.

So far, one of the best looking cars in the segment.
I wonder how the US Focus will do when this comes out…

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  1. I drove a Fiesta when I was living in Germany…It was an excellent car…Great/Smooth Mazda engine (1.25 Liter, I think) and handled well. It would do 110 MPH on the Autobaun with a tail wind.

  2. love it. so cool, sharp and sporty looking. it’s a definite replacement consideration if they can get it here by august 2010. my only concern at this point would be the comments i’ve read about the quality of mexican-built fords.

  3. Isn’t the Focus significantly larger?

    Not that important really, we’re getting the Euro Focus eventually (not soon enough)

    As for the Fiesta, this car has WIN stamped all over it. IMO Ford now has a true challenger for Toyota and Honda’s small cars.

    Just too bad they decided to build it in Mexico. It would have been nice to call this an American car.

  4. Wow! This looks awesome, by far the best small car in the market!! Glad to see the US version looks identical to the european one inside and out!
    The Focus is still needed, the Fiesta is quite small while the Focus will probably increase in size even more and it will look brilliant as well cause it will be the european one!

  5. Don’t worry, we won’t get the next Fiesta after this one for awhile. Instead they are going to sit on the platform and do an ugly re-skin on the car while Europe gets the latest….just like the Focus. I hope this isn’t 1999 all over again, where what seems like true promise went stale.

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