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They are now saying (“they” being sources at the Mexican plant) we would get all versions of the car in the US.
That means not only the 4 door sedan, but also the 3 and 5 door hatchbacks.

Wouldn’t that be great.

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  1. Excellent if we say no to the 4-door sedan. Sedans smaller than compact are simply ridiculous looking.

  2. I have never seen a 5 door that looked as good as that one… Bring that biotch here!

    BTW, don’t the taillights look just a bit odd? the car looks great its just that they don’t quite work with the C pillar integration.. just my stupid opinion..

  3. I really hope the interior feels good and is as upscale looking as the exterior. I still hate the name (saying I drive a Verve seems so much better than driving a Fiesta).. but this is the first econobox I would consider. Could this really be my next car?

  4. great. nice to have some choice over a Yaris (significant other does not like Fit, Aveo feels cheap, and doesn’t even get decent economy for its size).

  5. 3300!? holy cow! i had no idea. safety equipment? heavy structure? i thought that the fiesta/mazda2 were lighter than their predecessors?

  6. A bit funny in the rear. But can get used to it. Mind you every one says new models are ugly. Have to get used to choice.

  7. The German Fiesta…It will drive real nice! I drove the older model when I was living in Europe…Germans know cars.

  8. I just love that good old reliable Mexican build quality that you can count on for years to come. All that extra profit Ford makes on each and every one built is well deserved.

  9. The new Fiesta is 3500 lbs Where do you get 2500 lbs?

    Ford makes about $4.50 profit on this car..If built in Meico. If they build it in Dirtroit with UAW-monkey labour, they would lose $5000 per vehicle.

  10. mexico does build very good cars, vw builds there, nissan builds there and other quality names too, and have so for many years, Cheers! have a Cerveca

  11. Monkeys would most likely build better cars when trained to do so. Just don’t let them drink hard banana cider on their lunch breaks though.

  12. Actually if you google “Fiesta curb weight” you’ll see that the current Fiesta is about 2400 lbs and that is also projected for the 2010 model. The link below compares the upcoming Fiesta to the new Fit and the Fiesta is lighter.

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