New Fusion interior

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A revised Ford Fusion is due pretty soon.
The changes will bring what was never needed, like a new front and rear design.
But also a new interior and the Hybrid model. Finally.

From these pictures the interior doesn’t look like a huge leap forward. It seems to stay just OK.
The door panels even look the same as the current ones.

We’ll see.

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  1. eh, I’m not really feeling the interior that much. The steering wheel is as ugly as can be, and the big screen looks too big (almost 80’s sci-fi-ish). The dash looks pretty cheap, as well, not to mention the crapy crome door handles.

  2. I like the new center dash, but I really wish they would change the door panels and steering wheel to match the upgrades. Overall, it looks like a nice update.

  3. The interior seems nice. But, again….NO FREAKIN’ MANUMATIC! Ford….HOW HARD IS THIS! Hopefully it’ll at least be an option.

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