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The “old” city was mostly a trunk version of the Fit.
This one looks like it has more of its own design.

Do you think Honda should sell this “smaller than Civic” sedan over here????

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  1. Good thing that Honda now offers the FIT because the current Civic is a fairly large compact–bigger than the Accord was in the early ’80s. The new Accord is a full-sized monster now–a great car, but too big IMO.

    My guess is that the next Civic will be a bit bigger, so expanding the FIT model to a notch-back sedan makes some sense.

  2. better looking than the old City, and obviously, there’s room below the Civic for a trunker. takes a lot of cues from the Euro Civic (a good thing).

  3. With ever increasing fuel prices there will be a greater demand for smaller (fuel efficient) vehicles here in North America. It would definitely be in Honda’s interests to offer this car over here … provided it is priced on par with the Fit hatchback and offers noticeably better city fuel economy than the Civic. Folks in the US seem to prefer sedans (saloons) over hatchbacks so this may allow Honda to snare those buyers that like the idea (ie, size / fuel economy) of the Fit, but not the design. Up here in Canada a larger percentage of people gravitate to hatchbacks … even so I could see this sedan selling very well here too.

  4. I like it too. would be nice if it could deliver 44mpg…as the original Civic did with a carburetor.

  5. They should definately sell this in the U.S. Honda is going to need something this good looking to win over those people who will be looking at the Ford Fiesta. The thing with Honda is if they decide this will sell in the U.S. it won’t take them forever to start delivering it.

  6. Yeah they should sell it here. If it looks like the illustration that is. A Yaris competitor would be a good idea, as long as it’s similarly priced. Maybe they could differ themselves from the crowd with a diesel version.

  7. I like the design – some elements of the Clarity. Any chance this will be the basis for the next Honda less expensive hybrid they’ve been talking about?

  8. Oh, wow. That car looks simply amazing. I definitely would consider buying it if I were in the market for an efficient sedan. Maybe they can come out with a coupe variant too?

  9. My wife drives a Nissan and I sell at Honda? I know, but it’s true. Honda doesn’t build anything she likes.

  10. This looks amazing! I would love to have this! As the owner of a 2006 Honda Civic Si, may I state a few reasons why I would love to own this car:

    I love the Honda Fit, but it has no available sunroof.
    The Honda Fit has the Magic Seat, and that’s one of the main reasons I love it so much.

    If I could get this sedan with the Civic’s 1.8L, the Magic Seat, automatic with paddle shifters, iPod integration and a sunroof for $18,000 on the dot and I’d buy one tomorrow!

    I’d buy one without the 1.8, but a boy can dream… How about just winning the lottery and putting the K20 in it??? 🙂 !!! :)1

  11. I would instantly buy 4 of these and give them to my 4 estranged daughters, even if their moms annoy me with their nagging for child support money.

  12. Now if they would only release a 3 and 5 door hatch like the Mazda 3, Saturn Aura and Toyota Matrix. Honda is way behind the times when it comes to offering models that compete directly with other companies. Just look at the models names here, Honda has nothing in the line of sporty hatchbacks.

  13. Not bad. Hope they send it to USA.
    Although we try(at my household) to avoid sedans(vs hatchbacks)…. this looks better than the upcoming ’09 5 door Fit(too minvan-ish for us).
    We are also considering the Fiesta, when it comes out( the good thing is, Ford will have not only a 5 door and sedan, but a 3 door, too).
    This, the sedan, looks just a tiny bit better than the Fiesta sedan,imho.
    otho… as I said before.. we like hatches, and a 5 door , that looks like a sedan, would be nice, and a 3 door even nicer, still(for us).

    It would be a case of test drive this(if it reaches the USA), and the Fiesta…the “best one” wins.

    This is decent, though, and most likely, no odd Yaris-like guages over by the passenger side, either.
    That’s what killed any ideas of a Yaris for us.

    Anyhow… if they don’t bring this… Ford will have our business on the Fiesta for sure.

  14. Honda wants out of the ‘sporty look’ design…Look how their older Civic sales declined because stupid little punks who have an aversion to low-end torque were stealing them.

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