New Kia Spectra

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Just another teaser from Kia.

I’m sure this will look fine.
At least, better than the Corolla.
And with high gas prices, good timing as well.

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  1. I can’t wait!

    I wonder if there will be a Spectra 5 version based on the Elantra Touring, if so, I could save another $2,000 just because of the KIA badge!

  2. Of all the brands, especially emerging brands, Kia continues to be unimpressive. Big brother Hyundai has improved substantially. I’m not sure why Kia hasn’t. Of the people I know who have bought Kias because they’re cheap, they’ve regretted it. Hopefully this will be better than the unreliable junk they’ve offered so far.

  3. You will get what you pay for.
    Cheap rubbish. Been down that road.
    Paid a bit more for a corolla and have never looked back.
    And also my wallet stays full for no costly repairs.

  4. I’d still drive a Corolla over this. Even with this uninspiring “teaser.”

    And I do agree with another comment here. It does remind me of an Ion.

  5. Everything out now (except the Hyundai Elantra) already looks better than this Spectra teaser. Even the Corolla.

  6. This Kia could turn out to be quite an interesting looking car. I’d like to see what the specifications on this look like (ie, is this a complete redo or is Kia carrying over the engine and transmission).

    Canadian Driver just did a comparison of thirteen subcompacts. They filled each car up with 50 litres (13.2 US gallons) of fuel and drove them in a group (ie, wolf pack style) around until they ran out of fuel. The 2009 Toyota Corolla (1.8L 4AT) was the winner … 1017 km (636 miles) until the tank was dry. The 2008 Kia Spectra (2.0L 4AT) finished mid-pack … 742 km (464 miles) until it gulped down its 50 litres. Essentially, therefore, on the same amount of gas you can drive 37% further in the Corolla than in the Spectra.

    You can certainly criticize companies like Toyota and Honda for their styling, but their Engineering is still absolutely top notch. Hopefully, Kia will pick up their game and come out with a car that looks good, but can also compete in terms of performance and efficiency.

  7. It is the new Kia Wusswagon for loser publik skewl grads who can’t pay $5 for a gallon of gas.

    Obama will steal for you, though.

  8. It will be called the Kia Forte and it is based in the Koup concept and will be a Spectra replacement. Goes on sale in Korea in August.

  9. To Anonymous 6/23/08 8:43pm,

    I can tell by your superb spelling skills that you went to a private school?

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