New Subaru/Toyota testing

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Let’s hope this is really just an early mule.
Because that thing just looks like a shortened Legacy…

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  1. Growing up in New England I am use to seeing Subaru’s in every other drive way. After living in LA for ten years I question why that brand is still alive. The only person I know who drives one is the receptionist who drove the car from Vermont. Subaru should stick to being a car for 4 seasons. Stop it with the Toyota-ization of it!

  2. Ugh. Even if the body work changes, I’m presuming the chassis is more finalized and it’s so tall!

    I was hoping for something sleeker and more rakish than that.

  3. One thing id like to know is, is this a mule for the rumored imprezza coupe fwd/awd or the subieyota rwd coupe ? im pretty sure the subieyota rwd coupe aint gonna be called an imprezza ?

  4. Toyotas part ownership of Subaru is would benefit Subaru in the long run in a matter of survival.

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