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The Gol has been a popular model for VW. In Brazil.

I can’t help but wondering if the new one will end up over here in one form or another. VW is looking for something cheaper than the $17 000 Rabbit to sell in the US.
The could modify this a bit with a new front and improve the interior….
Unless the UP! is what we’ll get…
Who knows….

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  1. I think this is for S. America and SE Asia only as it doesn’t seem on par with the current design,

    Why can’t you type: GOLF?

  2. Nice to see a VW picture with the words
    plastered across the side.

    At least Brazilian magazines admit the truth.

  3. I knew you spelled it correctly Vince, you’ve mentioned it before. I just find it funny because it resembles a 3/4 scale Golf, so it has 3/4 the name, Gol. I wonder if that’s how they thought up the name…haha.

  4. as a competitor, i sincerely hope this is it. really, it looks like a kia or Daewoo, something very Korean. It’s lost it’s German flair. Loyalists will hate it, yay!

  5. I’ve seen quite a few prior generation Volkswagen Gols on the roads in and around Shanghai. However, I don’t get the sense that this car is as popular are some other Volkswagen models (ie, Santana, Passat, Polo).

    This new model looks okay … it just doesn’t look like a car updated for 2008 / 2009. Also, it doesn’t really look like a Volkswagen. It does look a heck of a lot like an updated version of the Chevrolet Optra5 (ie, Buick Excelle, Daewoo Lacetti, Suzuki Forenza, etc…).

  6. yes, Vince is right. Gol has been around for years. Now, as far as importing the Gol – doesn’t everyone remember the VW Fox? That was made in Brazil and imported here – but I don’t remember it’s name in Brazil. Could have it been GOL?

  7. The VW Fox which was sold in the US was called Voyager, Voyage or something like that, in Brazil.. It was the sedan variant of the VW Gol in Brazil back then..

    But right now the VW Fox that’s being sold in Europe and some other countries (Brazil, too) has nothing to do with the Gol..

  8. my bad, i read golf, if it’s the fox replacement, then i’m worried, for that price range, it’s nice.

  9. It’s a nothing car. It’d be a mass fail in the US. VW can’t (will never likely) compete on price alone. The Koreans are kings of hawking cheap crap with warranties to people who are one government check away from living in a refrigerator box. VW needs to compete on a higher level with a honed-in focus on features, performance and quality. Not price.

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