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The next Polo should be making it into the US as a new entry level VW.
With a new Fiesta coming up, and a new, unnamed, “sub Cobalt” model coming out from GM, it looks like this will be an all new competitive segment in the US.

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  1. “Entry level VW.”


    It will probably cost $25,000 and have the reliability of a used Dodge Neon. Or a Volkswagen.

    Too bad because it’s a cute little thing.

  2. “All new competitive segment”?

    Aren’t these just B-cars like the Yaris, Versa, Fit, XD and Aveo, among others?

    Not trying to be snarky. Just genuinely curious how the Fiesta and Polo are any different from the above cars.

  3. Sorry but the guy who wrote that this would have the same reliability as the Cobalt is wrong. The Polo has been around in Europe for almost as long as the Golf. Reliability was never the issue with this car and neither was quality (both where high). On the other hand it has always been among the most boring cars.
    The Polo is NOT the entry-level Volkswagen, currently the Fox sits below it in Europe and then it will be replaced by the UP! family.
    As a Fiesta/Fit/Mazda2 competitor yes, it should be very capable in competing with them but the Fiesta looks far flashier/fun to drive IMO, the Fit is probably roomier and the Mazda2 more fun to drive and lighter. Apart from that all the above competitors are probably also going to be cheaper than the Polo

  4. every and I mean every Audi/VW owner around here I know has had major issues with their car. I wouldn’t touch a Polo unless offered with 60 mpg diesel…for cheap.

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