Next BMW 7 series

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The new 7 series doesn’t look like it will break any grounds.
At least in the styling department.

That’s too bad.
The S Class now looks much better. And it’s been out for a few years…

we’ll see the real thing soon.

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  1. But it’s a BMW…so that means that every douchebag this side of Jones is down by law with it.

  2. You’re aware that the rear appears to be nothing more than a chop (a poorly done chop at that)of the current-generation Lexus LS, aren’t you?

  3. This is a chop of the Lexus LS. Quite crazy that people would even think of using a Lexus design to predict a future BMW design. Times sure have changed.

  4. I agree, at least they finally got rid of the bangle butt.
    Definately not a photochop of a Lexus LS

  5. What I find funny is how they finally returned the right side up L shaped taillights that the 7 Series hasn’t seen since the 80s….but it looks as if they chopped it from the Lexus LS?!

    At least BMW rotates through their design changes….they make new designs, then revamp the old, where Audi make their vechicles look more and more the same, one day they will have just one vehicle, the Audi A-Infinity.

  6. I am one of the few people who actually liked (loved!) the original Bangle 7 series, with its ayebrows and butt and all. I loved the boldness and uniqueness of it. So to me, this is clearly a further (after the 2005 restyle) step in the wrong direction, stylingwise. But since I know I am in a tiny minority in my admiration of banglisms, I guess BMW is probably doing the right thing saleswise by keeping it simple/boring.

  7. cute ?, no…stylish ?, no…..attractive ?, no…..groung breaking ?, no…. I hate it, BMW sucks. My partner had the original 7 series, meaning the frist year of the current model. it was rife with problems in every category. Even our BMW salesperson said he wouldn’t touch a used one. What to do, I guess I will get a loaded new Maxima and save 30,000 and be much happier.

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