Next Golf now coming over????

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A few days ago, some VW execs were saying the US would not get the next Golf.

Now, some other suits, from VW USA are actually saying the opposite.
Even mentioning that we’ll get the all new Golf/Rabbit (Based on the current model’s platform) about a year after the European launch.

Not bad news…

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  1. LOL, it is true the design of VW and audi are so, well lets just blah. Ford use to be this way but it now getting on track. Also design challenged would be Chrysler, Toyota, Honda, Nissan going that way. Standouts would be Mazda, MB is back, GM is coming on strong, BMW, Jag, RR……

  2. Call me crazy… I like it. I don’t understand how it’s more efficient to have two generations of Golfs being produced at the same time. Why not send it over right away?

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