Nissan small RWD coupe

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More (bad) illustrations of what the upcoming small Nissan coupe could look like.
An Infiniti version will also be offered.
Let’s hope the final products turn out to be just a bit more original than these illustrations.

There are now rumors about a Hybrid powertrain.
Could be interesting….

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  1. They are a joke and will not last, this is for the sheep that need to buy one to feel good about themselves.

  2. Interesting. Maybe if Nissan offers this then VW will offer the Scirocco in the US. Except for the retarded boomerang headlamps, they look very similar. And very good.

  3. what a gorgoeuos piece of kitt. it’s not a boulevard car but it’s not supposed to be. lots of bling bling. Nissan Rocks, it’s tailights down the road.

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