Nissan Z

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Is that it?
The new Z? For sure?

That looks pretty real to me. But I’m not sure….

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  1. Headlamps are ugly as hell. But like all ugly new models they grow on you after a while. Don’t have a choice.

  2. Sorry guys……and..uh..girls, I like it. I also like the headlights on this thing too. I’m looking forward to seeing the convertible version of this too.

  3. Wow, that is hideous. I am NOT a fan of Nissans recent designs and this one might be the worst of all…

  4. Also, I just read that this car is going to lose about 220 lbs, come with a 6 spd manual or a DSG gear box and might come with a……..wait for it now…..V-8!

  5. 370 Z will be here next year, in Canada, they will offer a Bose and Leather version for under $40,000.

  6. The clunky sub-zero door handles are still there. Like the current Z, the details are pretty amateurish stuff (headlamps, bad wheels) but it all adds up to a car that’s sorta cool anyway. Hopefully Nissan has figured out a way to get rid of the big cross-brace that severely eats up the space in the trunk. I’m over the age of 24 and I don’t shampoo hair for a living, so I’ll take the Infiniti version please.

  7. Especially for nissan spyking:

    “GM’s 640Hp Corvette ZR1 has posted one of the fastest times ever recorded on the Nurburgring race track for a totally stock production car: 7 minutes and 26.4 seconds. And yes, the ZR1 has shaved almost three seconds off the 2009 Nissan GT-R’s official time of 7:29.03.”

    But you knew that already didn’t you?

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