Nissan/Chery Murano???

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This picture was taken outside a Chery factory.

A Nissan Murano with both Nissan and Chery badges.

What do you make of that?

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  1. The Chinese govt. wants all foreign makes to partner up with their so-called automakers to sell cars in CHina. I call this idea bull shit.

  2. I say crash test it, you’ll know by the dummy flying out the back window and the engine landing in the back seat that isn’t not a true Nissan.

  3. Remember how that Russian automaker bought the old machinery to make the last-generation Chrysler Sebring?

    Perhaps Chery is going to sell the old Murano as new!

    It’d still be 15 years ahead of anything they’ve got!

  4. ^ All the above comments = SO TRUE. Haha… But Anon. #3, make that 20 years when you consider design and safety. No shame these people…

  5. Maybe nissan should take legal action against them for copywrite.
    And lose their case like a few other carmakers that went down that road. ie BMW, Toyota, Mercedes.
    That is the chinese way. To copy.
    Maybe we should copy the chinese but they have nothing and will never have anything worth copying.

  6. With an over populated country like that they are going to get whats coming to them anyway in a few years.
    Thay have 1000 new cars a day going on the roads in china. So in about 20 years time china will be one gigantic gridlock.

  7. I feel sorry for the carmakes who have fallen victim to examples like this because they are the ones who spent billions of dollars designing and testing of new models.
    The chinese carmakers basically save on most of that because they dont have to design anything new.
    They just sponge off the bigger carmakers.

  8. Automotive products isn’t the only thing that they duplicate.
    Computers, appliances, pharmacutal drugs, you name it.
    Pretty shocking really.

  9. I give it a benefit of a doubt. maybe some worker decided to bling up his own personal car 🙂

    I have seen someone replaced his ‘3’ in his mazda 3 with an ‘M3.’

  10. This is actually the REAL thing, 100% Nissan, actually, not a copy. Just seems like one of the Chery execs liked it and thought it “fitting” to throw on some of their own emblems too…you know, not all that different from that xerox typical.

  11. I love the way most american think in terms of economics, they somehow think chinese have some sort of hypnotic skull structure to convince all the white ppl to sign whatever unfair contract the chinese throw at them. THE AUTO COMPANIES WANTS TO PARTNER UP WITH CHINESE FOR THE LOWER PRICE, and in return they offer them shared technology, which leads to the similarities of the products, if you complain that the chinese are taking foreign automaker’s technology, then next time when you buy a car please willingly pay twice the MSRP so they won’t have to ask the chinese for the cheaper labor to cover the cost, which in term prevent them from stealing the technology.

  12. “and in return they offer them shared technology, which leads to the similarities of the products”

    Oh come on. share technology is one thing but taking your emblem and stick onto the car is another thing entirely.

    I don’t mind sharing technology like the pontiac vibe and toyota matrix but imagine sticking a chrysler emblem on a mercedes sl and called it a chrysler sebrine (sp?)

    at least get creative and come up with your own design. too much lead in those paints!? 🙂

  13. What I make of it is that there is a Chery vehicle out there that left the production line without a badge, and a Chinese factory worker in there who is being physically tortured for its theft.

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