No more Hummer?

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GM is actually considering selling the Brand. or even killing it.
(I think they could still make some cash selling it somewhere)

They are also shutting down the plants that built the Trailblazer?Envoy?9-7.
But that’s not really news. These old fashion truck based SUVs are completely out of touch with the current market. Thank God.

Hummer was always a few years too late. They came to the market when people started criticising SUVs. And it got worse ever since.

Just the name alone means “gas guzzler” to most people.
Hey, it’s kind of trying to sell a $35 000 Hyundai. Crazy…

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  1. What’s the matter with GM? Why on earth would they sell Hummer? I mean, it’s not my style, but the brand is HUGE and they could do so much with it. They could sell them in the middle east and China. They could offer them with a diesel option here. they could offer smaller, Wrangler-sized versions. Killing this successfull brand because of a blip in fuel prices would absolutely squander a great opportunity long-term. This is GM’s G-wagon or Jeep. Unlike many of GM’s brands, Hummer is clearly defined and distinctive from the others. They need to work on developing it further.

  2. What a shame. The realities of the current energy crisis has shaken some perspective into the GM leadership. Good move, but a decision that was 12 months overdue.

  3. All the weak little losers will just love this news…..

    You highlight the very essence of the Hummer marketing strategy quite succinctly. It’s sad so many suckers actually believe it.

  4. the world is a changin’ , well north america is changing, europeans are much smarter than us and more in tune with the environment. American war mongering suckers are finally catching on. Only problem, I can’t see a Redneck driving an electric Camaro. Anyhoo, follow europes lead and we will be more well respected the world over!

  5. “Maybe the Hummer is allergic to hybrid technology.”

    But there is a hybird H2, and it gets 13mpg!!!

    Low volumes and their military contract just went kaput that leaves them about 2,000 potential buyers a year (ok a little eggageration)

    And they advertise it pretty heavy too……

    I say shelve it a few years and bring it back as maybe a Chevy or GMC Hummer in 5-10 years.

  6. Yeah, europeans are so much more in tune with the environment. My ass. Explain why 9 of the top 10 (and 21 of the top 22 if you count all the ties) most INEFFICIENT vehicles in the world are european? Nice way to show how much more in tune with the environment you are — build overpriced gas guzzlers and line your pockets with the proceeds while criticizing somebody else’s vehicle of choice.

    Can you say “hypocrite?”

    Europeans are better than America in one thing — being pompous.

  7. “the world is a changin’ , well north america is changing, europeans are much smarter than us and more in tune with the environment.”

    Speak for yourself. People say stuff like this and just have no idea…

    The reality is that 1/5 of the children in the UK are illiterate. And as soon as Range Rover, Ferrari, BMW, Audi and Mercedes all cease the production of cars with 12cyl engines and SUVs that can’t achieve 15mpg, then Europe can speak honestly about caring about the environment. If we run our country based on the consensus of other nations, we’re screwed. Europe is more corrupt than us, and if they’re so “loved” why do they experience major bombings every two weeks? Frankly, Europe has their own problems and I’m not really too interested in what they think most of the time.

  8. Weak little losers? That Post alone sums up whats Idiotic about the American mindset. Hummer was the best example I’ve ever seen of how not to plan contingencies for a changing future. They should have started downsizing and rethinking the minute it became clear that America had lost in Iraq (you know, like in 2003).

  9. Selling a $35k Hyundai isn’t crazy.

    If you believe that it is, It just means you are out of touch because their cars are excellent.

    But then again your perception determines your reality.

  10. Europeans are better than America in one thing — being pompous.

    LOL… oh wait, you weren’t attempting to be ironic?

  11. Vince, Hummer is not the only brand that GM is worried about. They have been closely watching the bad situation over at Ford motor company(huge profit losses) as well as the current gas crisis. Large truck and rear drive platforms as well as V8 engine production will be quickly reduced to almost half in the next 18 months. They don’t want a lot of DOA product sitting on dealer lots and they know they need to import more small European product like Saturn has done to keep them in the game over the restructuring of the automotive industry in the next 5 to 8 years.

  12. Finally, once the Hummers are gone, that would compel obese folks to go on a diet so that they can fit inside smaller, more economical cars.

  13. Selling Hummer would be a mistake. Yes it has the anti-green image but it is more iconic then some bread and butter brands like Honda, Toyota, Hyundai and Kia. Hummer is the epitome of the tough-man go-anywhere image. If it hadn’t been gas prices, it would be a hot-selling brand. A suggestion, why not mix Hummer’s image with that of a greener one? Using the technology used in the Volt, why not creat an electric powered hummer with a small but tough diesel engine as a power reserve? Why not develop the first such vehicle for the military? Hummer can repeat itself by developing pioneering technology for military uses that could be used on future road vehicles? GM is giving up and a brand that has the status that no other brand has.

  14. as per the comment above, GM grow some balls and prove that you’re the technology leader for consumer and military uses!

  15. ne1butu :

    no, hummer can not be sold in china since they have very strict limits on mpg… and hummer consumes too much gas to be able to meet those requirements… unless they’re fitted with a super efficent hybrid drivetrain hummer will not be sold in china!

  16. no, hummer can not be sold in china since they have very strict limits on mpg.

    No they don’t. You made this up.

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