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A new report is now saying the opposite of what we though was true just a few days ago.
The new Nissan maxima Diesel will NOT be available with a stick shift. It will be automatic only.

It’s actually good news for anyone who wants this car to be successful in the US.

I just wonder how much they will charge for it.
Now that we know VW charges only $1500 over their gas model.

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  1. I like diesels and drove them while living in Europe, but “only $1500” for the pleasure of paying 25% more per tank and higher maintenance (VW diesels take special oils & the like) which means VW’s 41 mpg in a Jetta costs around the equivalent of a 27 or 28mpg gas model, so in other words a net wash. Face it: Big Oil does not want us commoners driving diesels.

  2. This is definitely a very smart move by Nissan. I expect the diesel version of the Maxima won’t be a huge seller (initially, at least). Getting the “mainstream” North American car buying public to consider buying a diesel engined car is a struggle for any manufacturer. An automatic transmission, however, will ensure Nissan captures as many buyers as possible. Given typical North American driving habits offering only a standard transmission would have doomed this version of the Maxima to a quick death. However, had the stick shift diesel Maxima become a reality you’d probably have found me searching through AutoTrader and Kijiji a couple of years from now looking for a “lightly” used example.

  3. looks like a car that would represent aston martins latest of everything. this thing is chic. the competition is non existent . Maxima stands alone!

  4. That front is downright ugly. The headlights are strange and the rectangular front is boring. Did they higher a honda designer?

  5. The crow’s foot at the bottom of the headlamps adds nothing for design and even less to be admired. Why, Nissan, why would you add something so stupid to an otherwise nice car?

    Quit it now.

  6. when i drive one , i will buy one, i just know it. i am waiting to drive this,and compare it to a loaded accord, loaded camry and loaded altima. I am a bit skewed toward nissan though. i already feel that the altima is better than accord and camry. maybe i should just order the max. now? thoughts……

  7. Wait till it comes out and then do the full comparison, then buy it.
    Nice looking car though apart from those heaplamps.

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