Opel Insignia in details

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Remember, soon to be Saturn…

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  1. If they keep our Saturn versions interior the same as this and the price down this will be a home run and put Saturn High Up on the food chain!

  2. Glad to see that they’re doing something other than acres of fake woodgrain. This interior looks really good! I hate to be really nitpicky, but are there a ton of cut lines on this dash? Just appears that there are a LOT of pieces that go into forming it. Or maybe I’ve just had too much coffee.

  3. ne1butu I thought the same thing…there’s a lot of seems and places to put together parts! still an amazing interior though

  4. When does this come here as a Saturn, Vince?

    Seems they got the interior bits a bit better quality.

  5. I think the retarded fools (UAW and Management) have all left GM and young people with brains have moved up. GM is building real cars now after 30+ years of embarrassment in the USA. GM might soften the suspension a bit…maybe.

  6. Bring it over as a wagon and sign me up! I love Saturn but am not a fan of their crossovers that get 16 mpg.

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