Original Kitt for sale???

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The seller claims it was used in the old 80’s TV show.
I can’t tell, I was never a big fan.
But if you are, hurry up.
With only a bit over 21 000 miles, it might be going fast.

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  1. This is NOT a original KITT. There’s too many inconsistencies with this car. But the big one would be the reverse rear spoiler someone put on the front. Big No No.

  2. Yeah that looks nothing like the pursuit mode car used in the show.

    The interior does look pretty authentic though. If you read the description carefully, it makes it sound like this was one of the “normal mode” KITTs used on the show, and then someone stuck a bunch of ugly crap on it to try and make it look the pursuit mode KITT.

    Not sure why they had to go and ruin it like that. It probably would have been worth a lot more as an authentic “normal mode” model.

  3. KITT was rebuilt a fair way through the series with many inprovements after the original was dumped in toxic waste on the series. Improvements included a body kit activated at the push of a button. But i agree that it didn’t contain that horrid front spoiler.

  4. This car is not real. The SP mode stuff looks nothing like the version seen on the show. Look at some video on Youtube of the original series. Just search Knight Rider Super Pursuit Mode. THe entire kit is different. This is a poor mans conversion of a regular TA. Its possible it was an original stunt car from the show but not one of the SP mode cars.

  5. OK, here’s the reall deal breaker. SPM was added during season 3…HOWEVER, the dashboard is from Season 1

  6. It possibly might have been used for interior shots on the show. Or distant exterior shots. But thats probably about it…

  7. He would definately get more money for it if he removed the pathetic front and rear spoiler plus whatever it is behind the side window…

  8. This is probably one of about two-hundred KITT cars used on the show. I’m sure there were variations between many of them. This one looks particularly awful. So, if it’s authentic, it was probably used for distance shots. Because it looks really bad from close-up.

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