Small Nissan Coupe coming up.

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It’s been a rumor for years and years. The return of Nissan to the small RWD coupe.

It seems that the new model would share a lot of its platform with the new 370Z.
But the engine would be a 4 cylinder. They are now talking about a small 1.6 Liter with a turbo getting up to 225hp.
Not bad.

We’ll see …

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  1. This will sell nicely if it looks like this car.I’m guessing that is an artist rendition…I can do without the color and I like the small but power displacement. AWD would be even cooler since Subaru might offer that on their RWD small coup’e coming within 24 months…

  2. The single slot grill should go up the food chain
    when the Murano and Rogue get their face lift…

  3. If it looks like that im sold ! just got back from the most awesome road in so cal the Angeles crest hwy, did it today with front wheel drive maxima, it did ok but too nose heavy in the curves and cant wait for this rear wheel drive, light engine up front to arrive !

  4. Sweet … the drifter crowd will go nuts for this. Many people will probably say that Nissan should do an all wheel drive version of this car. I think, however, that the four cylinder, rear wheel drive, small sports car formula works quite well. I still see a fair few Nissan 240SX’s in my area. I don’t see that many other similar sports / sporty cars of this era still on the roads (ie, Ford Probe, Mitsubishi Eclipse, Toyota Celica).

  5. If it *does* end up looking this good, and somehow comes in around $20K, it would be in my garage tomorrow.

    That being said, I find it unlikely that it will come in below $25K. Back to the 2-door Civic FWD for me I suppose…

  6. artistic, classic, svelte, cool, avante garde, slick,strong you name it, Nissan has it. this little beauty would render the very feminine civic coupe, a girly car.

  7. Because Nissan has spent many years and much dollars on technology developement , is why they always get more Mpg, and horsepower out of less size displacement than toyo or hoonda. Those other companies are not car manufacturers as much as they are marketing experts. Nissan builds great cars!

  8. I wasn’t involved in this project personally but I can tell you that there will be an infiniti variant and that Nissan will have 2 models. One will be to chew up and spit out civic coupe easily, and the other to mangle up the civic coupe sport, whatever they call it.

  9. Nissanspyking, your such a JOKE. I will continue to prove that you don’t even work for Nissan. Didn’t you say a while back that the sedan version of the Versa was discontinued?? Thats weird cuz the 2009 model just went on sale June 16th… hmmmmm weird.. Everything you say can be found on other sites that posted info already. Your a joke bro.

  10. anonymous, whomever you are, do you think Nissan is all computers and robots? there are real people that work there, along with me. It’s ok if you can’t comprende, we understand, cheers my friend and I hope one day you will find inner peace.

  11. I said my simple friend, that production of the ’08 had ceased to be made. The unit you are describing is an ’09. poor simple folk. You can choose to not believe, we don’t mind.

  12. code A , that’s the code name I am giving you. but….you have to figure out what it stands for, until next time doubting thomas, adios! small tip, relax and breathe.

  13. nissan spyking in his usual fashion put that loser, code named a in his place….love it, love it, anyhoo this looks like a 3 series coupe, only better, it’s made by nissan, meaning great quality, great resale value fun to dive and a great prce….box one up for Jimmy!

  14. thats what I thought… NOTHING!! if you work in Arizona, you have nothing to do but drive around in a circle all day.

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