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Let’s just all prat this doesn’t make it to the US.

This tall, dorky looking station wagon with small wheels looks like it came out of 1995. At best.
In a world where we can buy a new Ford Flex, there is just no excuse for cars like this one.

I do like Subarus, but this is pushing the “conservative” just a bit too much…

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  1. Vince, Believe it or not this will be our new 7 seater version of the next Leagacy Outback designed for North America as well. The Tribeca will stop being produced about the same time this arrives at dealers.

  2. yeah i hope it doesnt make it to the US either. your country is full of boring, big SUV’s and i would think that the Exiga is waay too non-boring for ya!
    i like this ALOT better than the new impreza and the interior looks much better quality and a better design.
    cant wait to see some of these on Aussie roads.
    and a diesel maxima manual. why are americans so slack when it comes to driving? a manual is the only way to go when it comes to a diesel engine!
    Hbu Vince? im guessing you have a Camry auto? BOOOORRRRRRIIIINNNNGGGG!
    The Exiga is something different and looks much better than the horrible Flex (should’ve been called the Box)!

  3. This will fail just like the new STI did. Whats with Subaru styling flunkies. Even Kia and Hyundai have better looking cars.

  4. Subaru says Exiga is a mixture of the words exciting and active.

    Exiga is really a combination of the words excrement and regurgitate.

  5. If they do bring this here there should be some modifications made to the exterior in order to spice
    it up a lot. But on the other hand, I’m not sure where this would fit in? We already have the new and improved Forrest and an Impreza wagon.
    I think they should do away with the Legacy wagon and Tribeca and just import the new 2 door that is coming our way (RWD and AWD) and a more top end
    convertible would add the whip cream to the pie.

  6. Vince, in error, I think that you have posted a picture from 1990. Vehicles look much better these days.


  7. This is Toyota’s attempt to deflect criticism of their boring designs by deep-sixing their Subaru investment. Too bad…my Subies have been great cars…and I have tolerated their looks for performance and reliability…but this is a stomach-turning design. Looks like their design crew has just given up after the B9/Impreza front grille fiascos.

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