Summer cars 2. Pontiac G6 Convertible

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I must say, I think the G6 convertible is one of the best looking cars out there.
It looked pretty amazing when I saw the first pictures of it, and I think it looks really good in person.
I just wonder whay GM chose to offer some “chrome package” on this car…
It just ruins the whole front end. When matched with the chrome wheels (like my test car) it gives the whole thing a vulgar feel that it doesn’t deserve…

The interior is the same as the sedan and coupe versions. which means once again, that it is OK . But there is quite a bit of room for improvement.
The steering wheel is the same as many other GM cars. Like the Corvette I was driving last week. With the same cheap hard plastic on the center.

The console isn’t the best looking (The Malibu is so much better), but at least the stereo sounds good and it has the “iPod plug” I worship so much.

It is a hardtop convertible. The cheapest of its kind on the market. And you can see some cost cutting details inside.
It sometimes looks a little rough on the edges. But it works, if a bit slow.

I’ll report more on the drive in the coming days.
But so far I am pretty amazed how smooth the car is. The ride is one of the most comfortable I have experienced in years. And the V6 engine (the big 3.9 Liter in my test car) is one of the smoothest and quietest I can remember.
But, there are 2 small squeaks/rattles that drive me nuts.
I can get rid of one by lowering the driver window a bit. But the other, somewhere in the A pillar, keeps showing up.

I am also not crazy about the seats. The lower back section is really flat and seems to want to push you out.
Plus the back side can’t move up enough for me.

More later….

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  1. Burlapp, you should have been an engineer or car designer, since I agree with your critiques, but at the same time we all love your day job posting stuff on this site. The new domain name is an improvement as well as the title and photo. I guess that is a photo of you backing out of a garage with camera on hand.

  2. You should do a comparison between this and the Sebring Convertable sometime….its funny that these cars are the only ones in that particular class now since the solara is retired.

  3. I hope that this is better than the Sebring. I rented a soft-top Sebring and it is truly a crappy car. And the soft top folds into the trunk the same way as the hard top, eating all the trunk space. The Chrysler interior has to be the worst in the industry right now.

  4. A nice car, generally–and the top can impress people, for sure, in action. Most of the G6’s solid, smooth, and quiet traits hold through.

    The key issues–and very common at that–are rude noises in the body and top and in between. Most owner reviews site at least one rattle or creak fix, and it’s generally just because of the layout of the system in a car that’s solid…but not overtly so, from twisting. So probably the biggest downfall, that it looks great but is rattly/squeaky more often than not.

    Still, great again to see a real person’s real world reaction to it!

  5. Derek said…

    A nice car, generally–and the top can impress people, for sure, in action. Most of the G6’s solid, smooth, and quiet traits hold through.

    Perhaps, but it’d be so nice to say owning a Pontiac wasn’t something to be ashamed of.

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