Tata Nano in Europe for 2010?

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That’s what Tata is hoping for.
The European price would be just under 5000 euros. More than in India, but far less than anything else in Europe.

This car actually reminds me of another European model. The original Citroen 2cv. A super simple, yet practical and affordable car for the masses.
The same recipe might just work again.

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  1. I live in Barcelona, and if they managed to pass the European safety standards, I would most definitely buy one to drive around the city. It is a lot more practical than a Smart, and a lot cheaper. I’ve been told by automotive safety experts with whom I work that in order to reinforce the car to the level required in Europe, they need to triple the original selling price in India, but, as you say, that would still only be around 5000 euros, so still very cheap

  2. I love the wave of small cars, the more that show up on the street the more comfortable I will feel driving on myself!

  3. I would certainly rather bee seen in this Nano than in something as stupid-looking as a Smart. The price is ok but since the base India model is $2,500 there is likely a load of upmarket features in this.

  4. Acceleration tests went surprisingly well, it out accelerated a barefooted, malnourished 13 year old boy pushing a wheelbarrow with 3 cement blocks in it , in 105 degree temperatures, over the quarter mile by almost 1 full second.

  5. standard equipment includes a winch which is very unusual for this kind of car. Unfortunately this beauty can’t make it up a 10 degree grade on its own. however there are no issues when the winch is engaged.

  6. It’s not a car, it’s a toy for weak-minded public-school TV-watching government-worshiping low-lifes.

  7. Imaging what they will be like in a year. If they havnt fallen apart by them. creaky cheap trim, rattles, etc.
    Need good warranty.

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