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Here is the British version of the Opel Insignia.
As usual, the Vauxhall version is the same as the Opel.
I wonder why GM keep bothering about Vauxhall.
Wouldn’t it be more convenient to call everything Opel?

I must say this car looks even better in black.
And I can’t wait for our Saturn version.

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  1. It looks really good. However, black, in pictures at least, hides potential design imperfections.

  2. Those brands were more redundant than Buick and Oldsmobile!

    This thing looks like a mix between the new LaCrosse and Malibu.

  3. What a beautiful car. Now if Saturn would modernize their symbol they could probably sell more cars. The red in their logo is so ugly.

  4. This car is awesome! I can’t wait for it to come here to the USA. I wonder if there will be a Chevy version and if it will be called………Impala?

  5. It looks unbelievable. I hope the wagon version will replace the Vue in North America. If GM were smart they would kill off most of their SUV’s and replaced them with wagons. GM is about to lose their shirts because they banked on Yanks continuing to mindlessly buy SUV’s yet they don’t have any wagons other than the Saab Sportcombi’s? This would make a great addition to the Saturn lineup in sedan and wagon form.

  6. Ahhh, Vince, but you forget British pride, and rivalry with Germany! Both Vauxhall and Opel were companies that were founded independently in the 19th Century and bought by GM in the 1920s. Even if their line-ups are basically the same (though now Vauxhall sells the Holden Commodore too), the Brits would never accept that it was their brand that was axed. “Why not the other way round?”, they would ask.

  7. I just saw pics of the interior of the Buick Invicta and it looks suprisingly similar to the interior of this Insignia. Something I thought was interesting was that the red in the instruments come on when you engage sport mode. Also in the larger photos you can see a bit more of the seats. Well, from what I can see of the seats, those are pretty good looking cloth seats. Way better looking than the cloth seats we get here in the States.

  8. The reason that GM won’t dump Vauxhall in the UK and replace it with Opel is, as said above, British pride. Vauxhall’s cars might be nothing more than retuned, rebadged Opel products, but the brand itself is still viewed as being quintessentially British.

    It would be foolish of GM to alienate the the United Kingdom by dumping the Vauxhall name, as it’s likely going to be the Insignia’s largest European market. As far as I recall, the UK used to (and still probably does) purchase over a third of Vectra production, even after GM stopped manufacturing the car at Luton – mainly thanks to the UK’s enduring love affair with fleets of company and hire cars.

  9. If you’re keen to dump Vauhall, that same rule applies to ALL GM outlets such as Pontiac, Buick, Saturn etc in NA.

    Why can’t they all be Chev? or GM?

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