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What’s up with VW testing a version ogf the recently introduced Chinese “New Bora”???
Looks like they redesigned the front bumper too.
The New Bora seems a bit smaller than our Jetta.
Maybe that’s one of these US only models we keep hearing about.

Here is the actual thing as it will be sold in China.
Only the front bumper seems different.

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  1. Let me guess…This is goign to replace the city Jetta in canada. Maybe it will also be sold in the u.s as a smaller, affordable vw. I wonder what engine it will use…

  2. I’m not sure what to say. I thought they could make a nice design, but as Burlapp would say, “who knows” if this will come here or not and who knows if there are US only models
    that are not sourced from Wolfsburg?

    As Arnold would say, “Big mistake”

  3. It’s a pity that a vehicle this bland is ever conceived. I hope it never sees north american shores.

  4. Well It’d better not make it to the US-this
    doesn’t look like a VW at all besides the front
    fascia (which is borderline-it’s not very “VW” to
    be honest) and maybe the wheels and door handles
    if you want to be nice. Something about the C-pillar
    is definetely not VW at all. I know I might sound a little crazy-but instant brand recognition and brand design identity are very important. If you were to cover up the front end. i’d probably tell you this is a Buick Sail or a
    Hafei Saibao. VW-sell the Polo sedan instead (and hatch too please), it’s much more “VW” looking. Don’t you already make it in Brazil or Mexico?

  5. The funniest part about this is the Eos shaped headlights….i hope they don’t try to use this as a selling point and call it the Eos Sedan in the US.

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