2009 Acura TL

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Now with the new assy looking grille.

Two versions will be offered. A regular FWD with 280hp. And the AWD with 310hp.
I am not sure how sales are doing lately for Acura. But they are betting the farm on this new weird look.
Good luck…

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  1. Call me what you will….but for some unknown reason, I really like the design of the new TL. I can do without the extra fender flare in the front, but the back end kinda has a Lexus GS feel to it. Good for them for taking a chance instead of doing a regular boring redesign. Because if they would have done that, you all know you’d be bitching at them for doing nothing.

  2. When I take my Integra in for reg service, I get a TSX or TL for the day as a loaner. Even tho I never liked the TSX’s looks before (I do now), it drove great. Sometimes, it can look not ideal and still pull you in.

    I think the new Acura look will grow on buyers – except that ugly RL. Acura really needed identity, and this is modern and interesting. Its just a shame all they have now are sedans and SUV’s (and NSX?!!). I wish Acura would get over themselves trying to be Mercedes, and realize that theres little to be gained at the top end. The Integra made them, and the poor RSX follow-up attempt ruined that segment for them. But their best bet is the range from $25 – 50k. This look would be perfect for a 3dr ~$25-30K. Bring back an Integra!

  3. I have been suggesting for a long time that HONDA needs to create some brand identity by stopping introducing a new grille with every darn update of each model in its line up. Thankfully, ACURA came around to finally introduce one grille for every model. I am not sure I like the look of it, but, I must admit that when the MDX first introduced this grille, I thought it was not nice, and now I find it ok. Just..OK. May be it will grow even more on me in a couple of years. The new TL will still be the bread and butter of ACURA, especially the AWD version.

  4. I think the new Acura look will grow on you — just like the Edsel did. After all, they had nowhere to go but up; again, like the ’60 Edsel.

  5. Ahhh…if only Acura’s styling department was as good as its engineering department they would have a perfect car. Too bad it’s UUUUUUGGGGGLLLLYYYYY!!! But that’s just me. I realize 1 maybe……MAAAYYYBE 2 people like the looks of this thing and that’s ok. Appearance wise I DO like everything, except the big, huge, emmense, astronomic unit sized (aka big)shovel on the front and possible matching one on the rear.

  6. May ’08 May ’07
    RL 390 653
    TL 4294 5760
    TSX 4564 2859

    So almost unchanged due to the new TSX. The TL ’08 is still doing fairly well (certainly better than Lexus car sales).

    I certainly like the TL ’09 better than the boring Maxima. But question is if it’s a sign for things to come that Lexus car sales were way down, or is that rather the exception.

  7. I like this. And yes, the “hideous” grille too. Watch out drivers, this ain’t your mothers Lexus.

  8. I saw this car on the road testing, it looks absolutely amazing even in camo. Has a great stance, and from the back it really good. This is one of those cars that doesn’t look amazing in photoshoots, but when you see it on the road you will be impressed.

  9. The is the better looking of the trio!…but then again, this is their volume seller anyway, so it better be the best! I think the TSX isn’t worth the price but this is. It would be even nicer if it were offered in RWD…but Honda has yet to try this feat.

  10. Only honda loyalist can like this thing. It looks like the joker from batman, which is not a good thing. The wheel flares appear added on, did they hire a mazda designer at the last minute? The back is very lexus.

    Yikes, what a miss match.

  11. Lexus rear, camry headlamps.
    should have a toyota badge on it.
    Even looks like it has camry front fenders.

  12. It seems nobody likes the looks of new vehicles these days.
    Its only because people arn’t used to new designs. Always has been.
    If car makers had to bring out designs that all people liked they would be stuck in the 70’s,80’s,90’s.
    Its just something people have to get used to.

  13. Anonymous4:11pm said…
    “Hideous!!!! Acura is killing themselves with these monstrosities.”
    Anonymous2:29am said…
    “The wheel flares appear added on, did they hire a mazda designer at the last minute?”

    ^^ditto +1
    ^imho Honda is copying the copying of Mercedes, who apparently has had a serious case of Mazda-Envy for some time now…
    …wish they copied it better…

  14. I’m not sayin it’s an ugly car. I’m sure the looks will grow on people, but the car it replaces is one of the most beautifully styled cars on the road today. That car died with this. “TL, I don’t know you anymore!”

  15. Hey Vince, If you think the grille on the Acuras are bad, wait and see what Honda has up their sleeves! The Ridgeline, Element and the CR-V all will get the exact grille right off the new Pilot. Looks like you will be able to tell them apart now from a greater distance than before. Let’s just hope that Honda doesn’t put that ugly grille on their cars too!

  16. The new TSX is selling like crazy. Don’t believe me? Check Honda News and see the sales figures for yourself… It seems that MANY people like the new grille. The MDX was selling very well too until the fuel prices skyrocketed…

  17. That nose is soo ugly, but so is the CR-V and it sells like hotcakes. I think Acura buyers have a bit more taste though, and that they should make the ugly hunk of metal body-colored, leaving only the lower frame aluminum to define the look.

  18. cute the box is right, puke mobile, it’s like they got 20 different designers to design a part of this monstrosity without being able to see what the other guy was drawing????

  19. How much of these new big nosed Honda’s and Acura’s has to do with their Safety For Everyone program? They used to be known for low hoods and cowls. Maybe thats why everyone is complaining – change is always hard. Get over it.

  20. “The new TSX is selling like crazy. Don’t believe me? Check Honda News and see the sales figures for yourself… It seems that MANY people like the new grille. The MDX was selling very well too until the fuel prices skyrocketed…”

    so you went to some site, check out some number, and based on absoltuely nothing you made the decision that the 4000 something tsx they sell each month is considered “selling like crazy”?? did you bother to check how lexus IS, mercedes c-class, bmw 3’s and infiniti G’s all out-sold acura TSX per month by thousands of units? not to mention that all acura tsx is brand spanking new while most of the competitors listed above are at 2nd or 3rd model years. heck even the last gen mercedes c-class in its last fedw month before the model change out-sold the current new TSX.

  21. I can’t wait for a real hard “balls to the wall” comparo with this scrap heap and the new Maxima. Just saw a new Max. It looks like an Aston Martin….it has 290 h.p. Beat the Acura over da head me!

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