2009 Kia Forte

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The Spectra replacement is looking good.
I guess it’s a matter of a few days before we see the whole car officially, including interior pictures.

So far, this European design does look great. maybe even better than any other small sedan in its class.

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  1. The Forte is a nice design (and probably the first Kia product I would seriously consider buying), but the current Mazda3 is still the segment leader in exterior design. I say this car is in a tie as a close second in the mainstream compact segment with the Mistubishi Lancer. If Kia nails the interior and the overall refinement of this car, then they could possibly have a big hit on their hands.

  2. you can’t say that it’s a honda civic copycat…they designed the car way before the new civic came out. It just happens to look similar (the headlights). But designwise…this is better that the civic…it might look identical but it is different…
    Look at Toyota Corolla…IMO…it’s ugly…

  3. from these pix it almost looks nice – tho nothing lines up in the front styling – but other pix made it look “boxy-weird”

  4. The current Civic came out in 2006, how could this have been designed before that?? This is such a blatant knock off that it’s not funny.

  5. This looks like a freakin civic! Who would actually even consider buying this over a civic? Honda, Kia, Honda, Kia…you be the judge

  6. Looks nice but it is a civic copycat not only the headlights but the whole front. It is definitely inspired by the civic.

  7. I’ll take this over a civic or corolla with money left over for my fuel cost for a year! Good job Kia. As that BASF commercial goes… we didn’t make it, we made it better! LOL

  8. i think i ll give this a try…looks pretty decent to me though looks like the civic i dont think its a copy i think the designers were just inpired by the civics front end and made even sharper looking then the softer civic….

  9. do you know how long it takes to design a car until it reaches production…do you think they designed this in 2006?
    Come on…designing a car is not easy…it’s not like making a pound cake, people! Honda does copy BMW, Audi…look at Acura TL (the side dent copied from BMW (previous 3 and 5 series), the current Honda rear lights, etc…
    Please be nice to KIA…I guess in order not to be called ‘copycat’, Kia should have had placed one headlight in the middle and the grill on the left and right…LOL

  10. Id say buy one, and be stuck with it for years because you won’t be able to afford to sell it because of massive depeciation after the first year. LOL.

  11. Complete Civic Copycat. No matter what some say, maybe it was designed before 2006 to be ready for this launch date, well the 2006 civic was designed WAY before 2006 to be ready for production in 2006 😛

  12. Agree with the Civic copycat comments. Blatant. But the best in the class would of course be copied.

    Anyone who buys a car on looks alone and doesn’t take into consideration resale value, dependability, total driving experience, quality, engineering etc, etc, deserves what they get.

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