2010 Camaro

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Just more picturs of the production version.

And it looks about as good as can be, as close to the concept as anything can be.

Too bad about the lame small sunroof that seems to start too far back to even be worth it.
At least the convertible is on its way…

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  1. They even beveled the top of the fenders where it meets the hood, just like the concept. This has to be the closest any production car has come to the concept! Great job GM!!

  2. i usually don’t like the camaro or the firebird from the 80s but this one is beautiful looking. good job GM for making me a convert.

  3. This is very nice looking. As a new GM shareholder, I have a little more confidence now that I may actually make money on this stock. It can’t go any lower can it? 🙂

    Seriously, I have always associated Camaro with missing teeth and mullets but this car is too sexy for a mullet. I like the engine options but hopefully, eventually, they will offer a high-output 4-cyl and lower the weight a bit. Still kicks a Mustang though.

  4. This car should have been in showrooms this past spring, but why can’t Chevy give us something more like the original? It was lithe, trim, fun, cleanly styled, and affordable. This new thing is bloated and silly. Great interior, though (even with flawed gauge placement).

    But I do wish GM success regardless of my opinion.

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