2010 Prius

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A reader sent me this.
Not sure how real it is.
You can tell the car is covered up.
But it does match some of the recent illustrations we’ve seen a while ago.

Who knows.
We’ll see the real thing in January at the Detroit auto show.
Expect better mileage, more room in a more substantial looking car.

A Lexus and plug in versions will come a year later.

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  1. Fuel efficient and practical as it may be, I would never buy one because the exterior styling alone makes me wanna hurl.

  2. Something about the pointy-ness of the styling tells me this is probably the Lexus version. It looks a LOT like the new RX.

  3. Its interesting that alot of people don’t like the look of the prius, but why does honda’s new hybrid look like a prius??
    1 million plus sales can’t be wrong

  4. yeah, i found this on flickr!i sent it to jalopnik too…it’s real… there’s a few subtle giveawayshere’s the flickr original to yuor screenshot: from germany

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