2010 Prius

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With tons of camouflage on it..
Still, you can tell it’ll be quite a bit slicker than the current model.
It is supposed to also be roomier, look more upscale and get better mileage.
A solar battery roof is rumored to be an option.

More at the Detroit show…

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  1. That’s something if they’re redesigning a car that they cant even keep in stock. The Detroit automakers could learn something about that strategy.

  2. Looks like a refrigerator that ate a Lexus. The greenwashed crowd will spend $40,000 to be the first ones with this in their driveways.

    I predict this will REALLY take off…after the initial dealer-markup thing makes the consumer-watchdogs cry foul. The solar battery will likely be an expensive fashion accessory like Cadillac’s Night Vision or those shark-fin Bluetooth antennas. Of course, they couldn’t produce a true solar car because it would be “too expensive”. But in base form, they’ll probably sell more of these than Camrys. Especially once McPain gets elected and gas is $6 per gallon.

    That being said, I’ll get mine in 2011 and convert it to solar/electric if the bubble hasn’t completely burst by then. Who knows, we could be back to horses once gas reaches $6.

    P.S. Vince – you’re the man!

  3. Looks like Toyota didn’t expend too much effort “redesigning” the Prius. It looks like the current model.

  4. And guess what, they are keeping the name Prius, not changing it which each model cycle like GM. Can you say Cruze? Every time I read a GM related article the car is supposedly on a new platform. Are the old ones that bad coming out the door that they have to be revamped every 4-5 years?

  5. yuk yuk and more yuk, i am very much anticipating toyotas demise…..don’t forget what happened to IBM, toyota is making the same textbook mistakes….I’m waiting…giddy up!

  6. At least toyota hybrids are in high demand.
    Other car makers seem to have alot of trouble getting to this level.
    So toyota must be doing something right.

  7. 7.22AM. Too right. Looks like GM didn’t have to look far for the “cruze” name. Holden australia used it back in 2002 to rebadge a suzuki ignis and call it a holden cruze.

  8. Maybe the prius doesnt have to be all about looks. Functionality has a fair bit to do with it as well.
    Get over it.

  9. IBM sold the most computers, sales volumes alone mean ZERO, remember them, my point exactly, toyota is the IBM of the car business.

  10. True, but at the moment GM are losing $1971 per second, $118,284 per minute, $7,069,069 per hour and
    $170,329,670 per day…
    At this stage toyota is making billions.
    Maybe GM is the IBM of the car business.

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