5 Door Yaris in the US

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The 2009 US line up for the Yaris will finally include the 5 door model.
It’s been on sale everywhere the Yaris is available, including Canada, for years.

With gas reaching $5 a gallon for super ( I just saw it…) we need all the small cars we can get…

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  1. HOT car. it is everywhere here in the DC area. They should have brought it over the first year. Maybe they thought it would ‘eat’ into Scion xA sale?

  2. Excellent news. If it turns out the Cube won’t be as uncompromisingly boxy, which seems to be the case from the spy shots(bumpers look like they could almost go on a Beetle), I just might be getting a 5 door Yaris.

    The two current versions never really appealed to me but I really like the 5 door. Smart move by Toyota put out a small, practical 5 door city car, especially after killing the 1st Gen xB. Let’s hope the price stays as low as it is for the sedan.

  3. There all over so cal, and they still look dorky to me, at times after a car is out for awhile ill begin to like them, but not the yaris i still hate it, test drove one when they came out and was nice and seemed big from the drivers seat.. im glad there bringing the 5 door out cause it looks a tad bit better than the 3 door..

  4. The Yaris 5 door sells very well her in Canada. I can’t see how it wouldn’t do well in the U.S. A little small for me but its a fantastic commuter car.

  5. These sell well over here in new zealand. We have had these for over 2 years now. They come out in 1.3 and 1.5. Ive driven a 1.5 and they are pretty peppy and economical.

  6. Its just that it will take a bit of time for america to get used to hatchbacks instead of cars with bootlids.

  7. Actually toyota is another victim of chinese duplicating. They have blatently copied this vehicle in china as well.

  8. Yaris’ are selling like hot cakes here in middle Tennessee. Many people just need to get to work and to the store reliably and inexpensively. This car does all of that. Need to take a road trip or haul stuff? Rent something.

    Love them or hate them, cars are still appliances first and foremost.

  9. I travel quite a bit, and I have only seen a few. And each time it reminds me of a wood-tick. It’s not awful, but it seems that Toyota could have done a better job with this.

  10. This vehicle is approximately halfway through its model life.
    So if it isn’t quite up to looks with it’s brand new competitors, the next new model will be due in 2-3 years.

  11. Now we have two 5 door versions to choose from at our local Toyota dealership, the Matrix or the Yaris. I see a trend starting here. Just like all six SUV’s in their current lineup (which is overkill especially today with high gas prices),soon we will have six different econobox models to choose from too! A lot more profit for Toyota since these vehicles will cost a great deal less to manufacture but will still be priced higher than any other manufacturer keeping up with a old Toyota tradition.

  12. GOOD. Now they can drop this Scion nonsense. Kill the gas thirsy xB and the xD and rename the tC to “Celica”…problem solved.

  13. head of the back seat passengers, also known as, “Your Kids”, is up against the rear glass. this cars is a fine, shining example of a brand name that used to be something, is now falling apart. any respectable company would not offer this dud. The Nissan Versa, much bigger, much safer and more substantial is your answer.

  14. The figures show toyota is not falling apart.
    The yaris is only a small car, if you want more rear headroom get a sedan or people mover.
    Nissan versas are hideous and rubbish and not in the same class.

  15. @Joe Toyo Cocker
    “head of the back seat passengers, also known as, “Your Kids”, is up against the rear glass.”
    I’m not sure what model your talking about or are you just a basher. The Yaris has plenty of space for a commuter vehicle unles your 6ft plus tall which means the Yaris is not for you. I’m glad Toyota is bring over the 5dr model which will be better competition for Chevy Aveo and Honda Fit. The Nissan Versa is ok but the Yaris gets better MPG. The Nissan Cube will probable cost more than the Yaris when it comes out.

  16. Ive just been into my local toyota dealer and sat in the back of a yaris. Im 6ft and theres surprisingly good rear headroom. Theres also plenty of space between the rear headrest and rear screen.
    Maybe joe toyo cocker was a bit premature in his judgements.
    My wife is in the market for buying one of these and is very impressed.

  17. “Anonymous said…
    I have a little fish in my aquarium that looks like this thing.”

    That is why it is selling well. People buying econobox want something cute and cheeky (a personality). If you looked at European small cars, they all have certain ‘personality’ to them. They don’t want to be reminded that it is an econobox. The Aveo and most Hyundai and Kia are not doing well because it looks boring and ugly. Plus throwing questionable reliability to boot.

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