All new BMW 7 series

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I’m not really into big boring looking expensive sedans.
But I guess it looks better and far less awkward than the current model.

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  1. Wow. Now Lexus is making nicer looking BMW’s than BMW. The LS has a much nicer/more elegant rear design in my opinion (though every time I see it I think grown up 5 series)/

  2. What a disappointment. It’s like they mashed together three unrelated designs into some soft, amorphous blob of sheetmetal. The interior doesn’t seem much different than the current one. I’m still not 100% sold on how my S550 looks, but it looks 10x better than this.

  3. What a brave approach to boring design. Seems they got rid of Bangle and left without a designer at all.

  4. SERIOUSLY?!?!?!?!? this is honest to god what BMW is going with? People are going to pay 100G’s for thsi piece of shit? hellooooooooooooo 1980’s

  5. THIS is the next BMW flagship? You have got to be kidding me. While the profile and side sculpting is nice, the rear is a mess with those taillights and the interior looks dated AND cheap. The kidney grille is disproportionately large to an otherwise nice but inoffensive front. How is this possible? How can BMW make a worse BMW copy than Chinese or Korean automakers??

  6. The only BMW that sells in America is the 3-series…So, who cares?

    This looks like the goof-ball designers at Toyota did this.

  7. Current 7-Series+Lexus LS= Those tail lights…with the exception of the raised blikers giving the 7 series right side up L tails again.

  8. “yea this is just a copy of genesis” you people are idiots just saying that cars are a copy of other cars….i dont the genesis is a copy of anything they just incorporated design elements that people attracted to in a good form….and this 7 er is elegant design in its own way but the kidney grill just ruins it….

  9. The current 7 is a complete abomination. Everything about the design is just bad. This one is more of the same, just distilled down to something that appears to have drawn with absolutely no thought. Either that, or it’s a Chinese copy.

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