All new Ford Ka

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Based on the same platform as the Fiat 500.

It looks nice and modern, but, like the new Twingo, not nearly as original as the previous model.
These small cars are actually getting more conservative with each redesign…

There might still be a chance to see this here. Some day….

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  1. Yes, not as original as the first KA, but, still very good looking and modern. Hopefully we will see it sooner rather than later.

  2. Ka actually looks actually better proportioned than ‘Smart’.

    Ford needs the Ka here yesterday!

  3. it does not look like the new twingo… it is just the exterior color that renault used for the press photos.

    bad choice, ford.

  4. …whatever happened to the Ford Prodigy?

    Or the GM Precept?

    An oil man came into office, and the lobbyists followed.

  5. I agree about the loss of originality in the new generations of these cars. Unfortunately, being original and innovative often doesn’t sell: I’ve heard so many people through the years who said “The Twingo/The Ka is so odd-looking! I would never buy one…”. Idiots all of them, IMHO, but the companies have to try to appeal to the broadest possible customer base, obviously.
    And BTW, for those drawing comparisons, A Ka is considerably larger than a smart, we’re talking a whole different vehicle category here, with five seating places. The Ka is actually larger than the original Fiesta of the 70s and 80s was. The current model’s EuroNCAP safety scores are naturally worse than the smart’s (bear in mind it’s 12 years old), but I’m sure the new gen will be much better

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