All new Kia Sorento

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It probably will be really nice. The current one s still decent looking. With a surprisingly good interior.

But I wonder about the timing. Even though this will now be car based, gas milage won’t be that great.
Gas will be $5 a gallon by the time it is out in the US.

Good luck. The new Forte will do much better.

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  1. It looks just like a Toyota _____ and a Honda _____ had sex and made a baby that looks just like a Chevy ____ and a Suzuki _____ .

    Pre-emptive strike…

  2. This looks like an Acura or Honda Civic. What the RDX should have looked like. Good job Kia. They’re on their way to the top.

  3. This looks pretty good for a reskinned Santa Fe! They need to teach GM how to achieve such skill.

  4. Looks just like the Hyundai Veracruz, but closer in size to the Santa Fe. How big is it exactly Vince?

  5. looks like another joiner inner like the booooooring hindgrinder or whatever toyota calls it. have they fixed that sludge problem yrt?

  6. . interior pics of the next cobalt….. looks pretty amazing actually… anyways, thought I shoudl pass it on to you, so you could share

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