All new Renault Megane

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Another really nice looking compact car.
Now if only Nissan decided to save some cash and sell this over here as the nissan Sentra….

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  1. These cars have been driving around my hometown, Cairns Australia, in disguise. I thought they may have been Daewoos, but its definitely these things.

  2. It would be much more correct, from you, to cite the source the scoop was made from:

    Regazzoni, Mod.

  3. with nissan and chrysler partnering for small cars, maybe they’d be smart to use this as the base… imagine a chrysler vehicle that looked as good as this in the entry level segment, they’d sell tons

  4. While I agree it would make an excellent Sentra replacement, Nissan would probably screw it up by putting a trunk on it.

  5. We Americans don’t want attractive, efficient, practical, and fun cars. That’s what they keep telling us, anyway.

  6. NICE! I like it. Though there are going to be so many of these flitting around Europe in a few months time that I will probably get bored of it soon!

  7. Nissan should learn from Ford’s past experiences that European models are more desirable now in the states than their American designed counterparts and that they need to bring them here a.s.a.p.!

  8. Vince: From what the dealership told me about the Versa… it’s based on the Megane(correct? Yes? No?)…if so… is this going to be the next generation(If Nissan sells one) Versa? I hope so. This is a sporty/sharp looking 5 door…(had heard rumors that the Versa may be dropped ,by the same dealership…when the Cube comes out?).

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