Cadillac CTS wagon

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I think this looks great.
Even better than the sedan. Which is sometimes the case with these new wagons. like the Mazda 6 or the new Megane.

Sure there is a huge blind spot.
But I still can’t wait to see it. A truly original design for once.

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  1. Now that’s what I call a D pillar! The blind spot in this car must be big enough to block out the entire state of Texas. That said I hope they don’t change a single line or curve on this car: it’s beautiful and distinctive … and (to my eye, anyway) much better looking than it’s German or Japanese competitors.

  2. I agree Vince, looks nice, but the driver’s gonna need Superman’s xray vision to see thru that blind spot.

  3. That’s a BIIIIIGGGG d pillar. One heck of a blind spot unless they have super ultra mega cameras to make up for it. Nice car though. I am seeing more and more station wagons on the roads these days. I’m looking forward to the new 2009 Audi A4 Avant myself.

  4. Buh-bye SRX. This will get much better gas mileage, while the Vue-sized crossover Caddy’s putting out will capture the image-conscious soft roader crowd.

    But that huge-ass blind spot will be an insurance nighmare – and it won’t help sales much.

    Still, though…that’s the sexiest automobile design I’ve seen from GM since the Buick Bengal.


  5. I think this looks great. I’m sure Cadillac will offer some technological solution for the huge blind spot. I would much rather see Cadillac focus on RWD wagons and leave the FWD/AWD luxury crossovers to Buick. While the next gen SRX looks nice, I really don’t see Cadillac as a brand that should carry FWD/AWD crossovers.

  6. Come on guys.. don’t you realize WHY a Cadillac wagon would have such a huge blind spot? The only Cadillac wagons available previously were Hearses or ambulances.. so this one is the sexiest Hearse yet! I think they will advertise it, at least on introduction.. since it effectively replaces the “big” SRX which will be sadly turned into a smaller, SAABalike FWD/AWD crossover.

  7. the wheels are no where close to “round”. exaggerate the y-axis (vertical), 110% on the bottom and 120% on the top (120% on the wheels would be obvious
    ), just as a guess, and you have the crx (oh, wait, honda has that trademark, let’s try)… brx… (oh, wait, GM no longer wants to produce the trailblazer / envoy… let’s take advantage of an award winning nameplate)… introducing, the 2010 srx.

  8. Vince, no picture of the new Megane III wagon have been released yet…so how can you mention it ? Maybe you thought of the new Laguna III wagon ?

  9. I don’t see a big issue about the blind spot. Blind spot refers to switching lanes. Its so far back in the car, the mirrors and shoulder check will be fine. Backing up may be a bit more challenging. Best looking wagon ever!

  10. This beauty would be right at home at ski lodges along side Volvos and Saabs. Maybe a 4WD variant with higher ground clearances or adjustable suspension?

    C’mon, I can dream can’t I?

  11. Uhhh no @ the idea of a 4WD high-rider.

    This can’t be the production version, though…can it?

  12. Uhhh no @ the idea of a 4WD high-rider.

    Only as a variant for getting to the slopes, not an every day cruiser/hauler. The current CTS’s low front end would act like a snow plow. Hang out at ski resorts like Andermatt, Melchsee-Frutt, or even Vail here in the States and you’ll understand.

    As for the concerns about the rear blind spot, isn’t this wagon going to be a lot like the Dodge Magnum with its tapered rear end?

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