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These are just pictures I took from a window.
I love seeing cars I’m not used to seeing in the US.

Peugeots are really good looking in person.
This is one of the best looking small cars out there.

A bit odd. But still…

The 500 looks just great. I’m just hoping there is a way for Fiat to sell this in the US.

The Ford C Max looks really bland and boring to me.
And Ford is retooling their US factories to sell this in the US.
I can’t see Americans buying tons of these. Unless by the time the factory is ready we’ll get the next model.

The 5 door Yaris is coming to the US at the end of the year.

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  1. The second pic shows no Peugeot but a Renault Scenic – with Renault having a frightening record when it comes to quality and durability. So be happy in the US that You neither get Peugeots or Renaults there… Fiat and particular Alfa Romeo instead improved a lot in recent years!

  2. the plain-silver-wrapper C-Max will appeal to many who prefer stealth-practicality…
    …imho all it needs is a waterfall grille + diff TLiltes
    iirc, it hasn't gotten the kinetic-refresh of the euroFocii YET…

  3. Actually, Renaults are a LOT more reliable these days than Peugeots or Citroëns, and I’m saying that as an owner of a Renault Scénic (2nd Gen).

  4. I am with you Vince. Whenever I am in Europe for business or holiday, I am always fascinated by how pretty their cars look. I am sure if I lived there, they all look boring like here in America.

  5. Dr Vw says toyota is ugliest by far.
    Where is a VW in the line up??
    VW small cars are even more hideous than all of these.

  6. Do most Euros only buy white, grey, black and silver cars?

    The Yaris 5-door looks a little stubby versus it’s 3- and 4-door counterparts.

  7. The yaris 5 door hatch is by far the biggest seller out of the sedan, 3 door, and 5 door in Australia and New Zealand.
    Its also 1 of the biggest selling small cars on the market along with the suzuki swift.

  8. @ Soul Brother No. 7, these colours are just popular over here. In the UK, the colour black accounts for 25% of all car sales with silver following closly behind.

  9. The C-Max pictured is the current model.. the US will get the next model for sure. But imagine if Ford US had this a few years ago to compete with Matrix and Mazda5.. it would have sold thousands of them!

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