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We’ll know more later today, when Ford announces which European model might be built in their Louisville plant.
They are now building the less than popular Explorer over there.
It seems that Ford might be considering up to 6 new cars for the US.
Including the Euro Focus, the new Kuga to actually replace the escape, the C-Max. They are even talking about the next Ka.

We’ll see….

On a related note, a friend of mine was driving a rental Focus CC Convertible when I was in Europe last week.
What a nice car. With a much better interior than even the Fusion over here.

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  1. Ford is absolutely desparate if theyre going to dump their 10 year old small cars in America and replace them with these brand new, well engineered ones from Europe.

    People have always complained why they didn’t do this sooner (like 6years ago). And we now know why, theyre desperate. And this must be their last resort.

  2. I drove the Euro Focus two months ago. It has a fantastic interior. Driver oriented, straight forward, classy, and well made. And mine was just a rental!

    It’s time for premium small cars from domestic manufacturers. They give us crap and then whine about us choosing Hondas, Toyotas, Nissans, and Mazdas instead.

    Either sh*t or get off the pot.

  3. Ford will go bankrupt selling small cars to little people who struggle to pay for a $15K car in the US. They should just stick to trucks and SUVs and downsize to make a profit in that market. They could really get the UAW parasites out of their company that way as well.

  4. Except no one is buying their trucks and SUVs. Even the brand new Flex isn’t doing too well. Today’s announcement of some $8+ BILLION loss makes it clear that they can’t do business as usual in North America. They will either adapt or die.

  5. “Ford will go bankrupt selling small cars to little people who struggle to pay for a $15K car in the US. “

    Ford will never compete for customers who shop for cheap wheels. The Koreans will always undercut them on price. Ford needs to sell well-optioned small cars with nice interiors and features that people have been accustomed to in their SUVs. You see people shelling out serious money for VW GTIs, well optioned Civic Si’s, A3’s and Minis. Ford should see this as an opportunity to offer small cars at a better profit margin than ever before. Let the Korean brands have the fickle customers who want sub-entry level compacts.

  6. I don’t think Ford is desperate. They have been around for such a long time, it is just the abrupt change in our economy that has caused all of this to happen. Maybe your right about SUV’s, but they did sell well with their other vehicles.

  7. “Except no one is buying their trucks and SUVs.”

    No One? Ford sold 50K of them last month to, um, someone.

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