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But most of these news are still SUVs.
Sure, they are car based and smaller than most of the current GM offerings. But still. I don’t think any of these will get you close to 25MPG in the city.

The really bright spot might be the Cobalt replacement called the Cruze.
At least on the illustrations, it looks really good. A smaller Malibu with even better gas mileage is exactly what GM needs right now.

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  1. Except for the Cruze, Wagoner is dreaming if he thinks this lot of cars/SUVs will save GM. The upcoming Honda “Insight” is where the market is going…affordable hybrids.

  2. The Cruze looks great. The Beat looks even better, yet I can’t fathom why they don’t want to sell it in the US.

  3. A smaller Malibu with even better gas mileage is exactly what GM needs right now.

    Important phrase being right now. Not 5 years from now.

  4. GM (Or ford and chrysler) cannot stay in business selling small cars… They are so far in debt that the profits in small cars won’t even keep the lights on. They need to sell lots of high profit trucks and SUVs, or die. If gas doesn’t come down to $2.50, GM will die. GM could sell 300K stripped-down Aveos a year at $20K each and still go out of business.

  5. The Cruze (dumb name) really looks nice! Hopefully GM has decided to put one of their nice interiors in it.

  6. I like the Cruze for the most part, but there are a couple of things that are odd with the styling. The inboard parts of the headlights look too squared off and in the back view of the car, the c pillar black window fillers look real cheap and crappy. The headlights I could live with, but those window fillers….yyeeessshhh…..I think I’d rather go through recovering from a really, really bad hangover than look at those cheesey window fillers. Can’t car manufacturers spend a few more dollars to make these areas look better? Apparently not.

  7. Interesting how nobody talks about Toyota and Nissan’s flops of getting into the really full size pickups and SUVs. Sales down over 40% for Toyota trucks. Toyota invested billions into the new pick up and Seqoia and now they are shutting the plant down for months. Even when they first came out, they never sold like they promised. Anybody even seen a new Sequoia on the road? I haven’t. Now Toyota is canceling their Avalon replacement which was really far into development. How many 4runners are they selling…none. Nissan; how many Titans and Pathfinders are they selling…none. Its all about supply and demand. The US consumer demanded big SUVs and Trucks for years and GM delivered and they sold. Now nobody wants them. Can you blame GM for building and selling millions of the best high profit full size pickups and SUVs in the market that the public wanted? Why do you think Toyota invested so much money into trying to get a piece of the action. Nobody predictated this coming and GM had all these new cars in the pipeline for years. It takes at least 3 years to design and launch a new vehicle. What was the price of gas 3 years ago?

  8. The Cruze is a cool looking compact sedan. It’s not Mazda3 caliber styling, but it is a close runner-up. I just wish they would remove that cheap looking black plastic C-pillar applique’ as well as change the cheap and cheesy name. “Cruze” sounds ridiculous and immature. “Monza” sounds exciting and sporty and fits the character of the design much better.

  9. between the Malibu and the Cruze, it looks like GM has accidentally stumbled on some winning style. These are cars that could go head to head with the best around the world assuming they were adequately built and powered.

  10. “The Beat looks even better, yet I can’t fathom why they don’t want to sell it in the US.”

    …because in its current form you will die a horrible death if you are broadsided by so much as a child riding a tricycle. It doesn’t meet any U.S. crash test laws.

  11. I’m happy to know I’m not the only one that noticed how blocky and down right clunky those headlights are. When I saw it w/o it’s cameo at Autoweek , I was hoping that there was some “invisible” cameo still covering those headlights, I guess not! They just don’t fit in with the rest of the car….putting in Cobalt headlights would make this look a lot better. I don’t know why they couldn’t make the headlights more “Malibu-ish”…Audi and VW sure have no problem doing that across their entire brand!

  12. I’m sorry…the Buick Sedan concept looked promising, but this rendition looks like a dog’s stance just before it gets ready to expel from the caboose.

  13. Nothing will save GM if gas stays above $4.00. The big 3 are too far in debt thanks to the thieving UAW scumbags/monkeys and the governmnet laws that legalize labor union violence.

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