Geely in the US by 2009???

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Another crazy claim from a Chinese manufacturer.

With no dealers ,yet, in this country, they are still claiming they will be selling us their FC-2 model in 2009. As well as in Europe.

They also mention a $14 500 price. Which would also destroy them over here. There are so many choices for that price. All from established car makers with much, much better reputations.

We’ll see…

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  1. There is such a negative stigma against Chinese produced products right now, I really don’t see this being successful. A clock radio, okay. An iPod, sure. Party favors, fine. A car, I would never consider a vehicle sold by a Chinese manufacturer.

  2. People will fall into a trap with this product as with all chinese products.
    They are worth nothing after a while.

  3. Have you seen inside a geely assembly plant??
    It’s like a time warp from the 60’s and 70’s.

  4. Worth nothing after a while? Hey, something in common with American cars! Instead of worrying about foreign competition that’s not even here yet, lets worry about fixing GM, Ford, and Chrysler. Dont crap on other manufacturers, when we hv our own problems to deal with. If it wasnt overseas’ sales, especially with China, our “BIG” 3 would be suffering bear stern fate

  5. So if Chinese and American cars are worth nothing after a while, ill go japanese then. They dont seem to have the problems that the others have. They obviously have been doing something right all along.

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