Geely in the US?

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Chinese car maker Geely has announced plans to enter the US market with cars built in Mexico.
They are planning on producing 300 000 cars a year for the North, Central and South American markets.

But no factory yet. They are still in talks with the mexican government.

Anyone interested in driving a Geely in a couple of years?

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  1. yesssssss baby! everything I buy is chinese. Even my macbook air. Hell evrything we all buy is from China. I just bought some high end expensive “Italian ” Lotto soccer shoes…..made in China. China rocks, bullshit walks. Hey, we are all chinese when you think about it.

  2. It took about 10yrs before Korean (Hyundai) start to pull everything together; I’ll wait 10 yrs for Chinese then.

  3. Have you seen what it looks like in a geely assembly plant??
    Its like going back in time about 30-40 years.

  4. The Chinese have been talking about entering the US market for years, and yet we haven’t seen anything more than some displays at NAIAS.

    I’ll believe they’re coming when I see cars on the lots of dealers; does anybody remember Visionary Vehicles?

  5. The Chinese labor is too expensive so Geely is going to build cars in America where there are publik skewl peasants.

  6. american used to make electronics like TV and radio

    then sony/panasonic came alogn and killed off jsut about every single north american electronic manufactuerer

    toyota/honda/nissan is doing the same thing now to the north american automakers, joined by the koreans, and soon to be chinese.

    it is INEVITABLE that there will no logner be any north american company that actually design and MAKE things in the near future. all the top companies of US make too much money doing brokerage (ie, oil, walmart, real estate) and virtual market (ie, facebook). that actually hiring and training talented ppl to engineer a fine product takes much time and resource. you can even see this in the entertainment industry, you can spent years learning music, joing a year long competition, beat hundreds of contestant, get a singing contract, release two albums then everybody will forget about you, or you can spent 20 minutes making a sex-tape of yourself or claim to be a bisexual from some internet social website and sell your stupidity for millions of dollar on TV.

  7. geely may actually find a foothold here – they are actually original cars with decent build quality (the antithesis of chery)

  8. It wasn’t all that long ago that the Chinese tried to sell their cars in Germany but couldn’t even pass those pollution control standards

  9. Writer 4:48 PM,
    I don’t like the guy but D. Jones is sometimes right.
    Americans must come first when dealing with foreign
    companies that do business here. Personally, I think it was wrong for foreign companies to make cars here.
    And it is wrong that our companies but China on the list to make our products. I love Apple computers, but come on, it should be made in the USA.
    Ever since NAFTA, things hit the fan big time.
    And even Japanese companies make their electronics in China(and Mexico) give me a break.
    One day all these companies will wake up and realize that greed got the worse of them. And American workers need to learn that if they won’t take a lower paying job, it will go to the foreigner.
    Both employee and Employer need to wake the F up.

  10. haven’t we heard this kind of announcements like a million times before? In Europe and the US? They Chinese have been bragging for years about how they are going to invade the western car market, but so far we have seen very little of it. I guess they still have a long way to go to play with the big guys

  11. I remember the first time I saw a Datsun “Nissan” 240Z No one took Datsun serious till then. The same may happen to Chinese cars and they will get there faster then the Japenese with open technology.
    Just make it look like a Ferrari and drive half as good at 1/10th the price.

  12. If China withdraw their export to China, its American who will cry! Take a look around ourselves, how many items in your household that are NOT made in China? they are coming either way, sooner or later, so better be ready for now rather than wake up someday and find out we no longer can pushing people around. Ignorance can only bring people down. just take a look at what Toyota did to us and you will know the rest!

  13. Japanese cars are becoming more American like (in the BAD way), Korean cars are becoming more Japanese like (in the GOOD way), and Chinese cars are becoming like Korean cars…..hopefully better than worse.

  14. RE: Cubedtothex

    And domestics are becoming more Japanese/Euro. Both in design, quality and origin of components. Interesting.

  15. I’m really liking the unique side marker/vent that runs from the fender to the front of the door.. oh wait, BMW just copied that for the new 7-series! Blasphemy!

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