Honda OSM Concept

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Doesn’t look that crazy.
Almost looks to me like a production car.

Not sure about the powertrain yet.
But a small Hybrid convertible sure would be cool

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  1. I like the 2 level dash that was carried over from the Civic. This might even have a hard top in the trunk.

    Burlapp, any word about the Crossroad come here???

  2. I love the front, even though it reminds me of the mouth of a catfish. The rear-end is so-so, I don’t like the way it slopes down as it reminds me of the Lexus SC430 (RIP). So lets start the speculation machine:

    S2000 replacement? Although it has the steering wheel and dash similar to the Civic. And it is quite small.

    LEDs inside front lights will be removed in production model?

    Wheels to be shrunk to 17inch?

  3. If this is the future look of Honda, then by all means bring it on and stick to one grill design. Oh yeah, Audi look out. For the first time Honda is just one step behind you design wise.

  4. Looks a bit much like a MG… And most likely 2011.

    The Ford Focus ECONetic with 65MPG seems more interesting right now (release date is early 2009 in Europe). Who knows if we’ll get that one especially since it’s Diesel.

  5. Cool. That will make a great new S2000. Being 6’4″ I probably still would’nt fit in it though.

  6. Too bland although I do like the dash layout. Especially the tach and center stack area. I wonder why those type designs never make it to production. Much, much better/cleaner than civic’s interior.

  7. The production version will probably have Honda’s big squarish grill tacked to the front end. And the 2-level dash looks just as ridiculous here as it does in the Civic.

  8. at first i was thinking “larger honda beat” but then it looks like it’s got two small rear seats like in a peugeot 207 cc. so is this another one of those small hardtop convertibles with tiny rear seats?

  9. The s2000 is low and lean and still a great design. This is stumpy, like the last toyota MR2 (total fail.) The rear is weak and makes the overall shape look perky cute and feminine. Not that the s2k is a huge success, but it could be if it was offered with an automatic and had a better torque curve. This is not a good replacement.

  10. I think this concept previews two future vehicles.. imagine this front end on the previous CR-Z concept body and you have the next CRX. Then imagine this convertible body with a Civic front end and you have the Civic convertible!

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