Hummer sales in a free fall.

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About 60% from last year.

An amazing turn of event.
I can’t remember the market turning around so quickly. It seems that in just a few months, most consumers have completely changed their minds about what car to buy.

It’s not all dark for GM. Apparently the Malibu is up %73. Good cars do sell.
(although was it still the “old” one last year???)

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  1. The downturn in sales of trucks and SUVs is as ugly as a bent up Hummer. As bad as a 60% drop in Hummer sales is for GM I don’t think it’s hurting them as much as the truly massive decline in F series pickup sales is hurting Ford. Yesterday it was reported that June sales of F series pickups dropped 40% from a year ago. It’s one thing for a company like GM to see big declines in sales of a relatively specialized, somewhat lower volume line of vehicles. But for Ford to have lost 40% of a KEY (KEY!) profit making, bread-and-butter, “top-selling vehicle in North America for 23 years” truck line is truly momentous. I think the ground beneath me is shaking as the truck gods shrivel up and die!

  2. Its about time. Ford fortunately has a very strong small car lineup in Europe, I would put getting them on dealer lots in the USA JOB 1!!

  3. Can it be? If Ford brings over its European lineup it will announce the emergence of COMMON SENSE in our society. One last step would be HONESTY and we could have utopia!

  4. I hope GM Ford and Chrysler go out of business in north america. Then all the UAW monkeys/losers can go away.

  5. “Ford will go broke in a month trying to sell small cars, you ingnorant little infantiles.”

    it sure is easy to say stupid, immature things when you make comments anonomously. try to stay on topic and be respectful.
    Vince, please moderate comments and leave this kind of shit out.

    you can’t tell me anybody at Ford, GM, et al, didn’t see this coming?? i’ve been reading about this kind of thing for years and years. oil WILL eventually run out. huge vehicles that get poor fuel economy will no longer be sustainable. small cars can be safe and fun and practical (tho you’d never know it from looking at what’s on offer in north america).
    people are voting with their pockets, not their brains, but whatever works…

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