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More pictures of what could be a big hit for Kia in the US.
I think this might be a breakthrough car for them over here.
Roomy with a small engine. And it does look great. Better than any Scion.

It’s just too bad about that small old fashion sunroof…

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  1. Those size sunroofs are still the norm. The giant mini sized ones aren’t that widespread…but really who cares…it’s no smaller than a standard sunroof.

  2. Just shows how quickly a brand can rise from being a POS to a respected name. KIA was considered junk just a few years ago, but now owned by Hyundai which also remade its image, KIA is emerging as a car brand worth considering.

    Too bad GM, Ford, and Chrysler don’t have such a vehicle to sell in the U.S. now. It takes them too long to develop a sense of the market and act in a timely manner.

    Oh, joy of all joys, look for slick new trucks from the U.S. companies!

  3. I’d rather drive a Scion.

    Funny thing is, I asked a lot of people if they’d drive this over an xB and every single one of them said ‘hell no.’

    Better than any Scion?

    Not for the young people.

  4. It’s okay. The small boxy car trend really doesn’t impress me. I know it offers a lot of room in a small area, but I’m still not impressed. The only element that really bugs me is the 80’s era door handles, they look really cheap and cheesy.

    I do hope this car gives the ugly Scion lineup (except the tC, which is the only Scion product I would consider buying) a run for its money.

  5. Not bad looking, but I know nothing about owing a Korean made car. I rather wait for the forthcoming CUBE.

  6. LoL. This vehicle looks slick and the interior is superior to anything the Scion or the Element offers.

    What you don’t know is that this vehicle is already generated a large amount of interest for KIA worldwide and it should do quite well in the U.S. due to its excellent Fuel Economy(FE) when it is released.

    Some of you may not like it BUT like it or not this will sell very well as it addresses several gotta have features;SUV-like styling, has excellent utility,good on gas, safe, cool looking and doesn’t remind them of that they are driving a box!


  7. From other pics I’ve seen, it looks awesome from the rear! I would definitely consider one of these as a daily driver.

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