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Is Mercedes really thinking about a CLS type 4 door coupe based on the new C Class???

Why not? But the real question is: why?

Is the Passat CC such a threat?

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  1. What a fantastic looking car! Mercedes should forget about the (confusing and pointless) four door sedan and four door coupe marketing drivel … shove the existing C Class design aside and make this the new C Class.

  2. I guess the CLS is not narrow and tight enough enough. Maybe, we will see the CLB for the four-door A-class or B-class coupe in 2010.

  3. Vince, I think you're mixing two projects : Рthe CLE, often spoken about in the German press, which would be positioned between the C-class and the E-class Рthe CLA, shown by you illustration, a new project, which would be positioned between the next B-class and A-class (that will no longer be a just a compact monospace for the B and a 3 & 5-door minispace for the A but a large family of cars including a coupé) and the current the C-class.

  4. The whole “four-door coupe” gimmick is stupid. Rather than calling the CLA the “coupe” and the C-class the “sedan,” why don’t they just call them “Attractive” and “pugugly” respectively. In my opinion, the C-class has been a competitive flop for three model generations, and it needs to be ditched. The CLA is very nice.

  5. Firstly that is just a bad shop of the gorgeous Ford Verve concept (4-door Fiesta). Secondly why would it mean Mercedes is threatened by the Passat CC? They invented the 4-door Coupe and have more niche vehicles than anyone else, so it was only a matter of time for such a vehicle to happen. This will be a 4-door coupe which will slot above the A-Class, hence the A in CLA.

  6. I guess there’s a lot of 3-series fanboys out there? I think the C-Class is arguably more interesting as far as compacts go.

    And I kinda agree that this CLA (illustration?) looks like the current Jetta (headlights and front-drive proportions)

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