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300hp for the base 3.6 Liter V6 and 26MG Highway.
26 MPG isn’t really great for a car.

And 300hp is great, but its not really needed for a base car. Is it?

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  1. 185 hp is good enough. Maybe 300 is good for those double chin folks who complain about everything, especially when eating a happy meal

    Anyway, 185 is good enough to put some tread marks on D. Jones’s testies.

  2. 185 hp for 3800 lbs is good enough for who…A weakling perhaps.

    26 MPG is good for a RWD 3800 lbs car that has to meet EPA emissions (Uses more gas to keep NOx down)
    No manual transmission.

  3. Hey, where is D.J. by the way? Have’nt seen him on the site in a while. I may not agree with him…uh…well…..most of the time, but I do enjoy his comments. Hey D.J. you out there, are you alright? Bueler…..Bueller…..Bueller…..

    Anyway, I think the outside of this car is freakin’ awesome. The interior is growing on mee too. I still don’t like the rectangular vents on top of the center stack but the rest of the interior looks good. And the quality of the interior looks much better than the preproduction spyshots. I think that light bar in the dash looks pretty cool but I’ll bet it’ll be a huge pain in the arse when driving at night. Does anyone know what happened to the 4 cyl turbo idea? There was a rumor that GM could get up to 300 hp from that engine.

  4. 300hp makes sense for the base model in order to make a statement. Base versions of sports sedans are already up there. So, I think it is a good idea for maintaining the image of it as a fast sports car. And for those wishing to save gas money they should try something smaller like a Corolla S or the Mini.

  5. This is the site for car guys who hate horsepower. What’s up with you people? 300 HP in a base motor is being applauded by everyone else in the world. And the fuel economy isn’t that bad for a performance car. If you want lower HP and better mileage, go with a Corolla.

  6. @ 2:53.

    Enjoy the big mac.

    @ 2:56
    D.J. is just as bright as 2:53
    The epitome of this country….no comment.

  7. i am falling for the styling. but the rear storage area (or are those seats?) is a little small for a 3800 pound coupe, and the lack of a manual transmission in a sporting coupe is inexcusable

    yes, some of us “lazy” americans prefer driving stick shift cars. a civic si is looking pretty good right now, although this car is pretty much in a different league

  8. NICE CAR! Vince I don’t know what you are thinking. 300 hp in this car is fine.
    Camaro drivers would not appreciate getting smoked by Odysseys heading to soccer practice.

  9. Seems these car sites attract 12 year old weaklings…Pretty sad that Americans are getting as weak as Europeons.

  10. This is a bit heavy but it will be able to handle much more torque…Perhaps the ZR1 LS9 engine!

    (I hope I did not scare the ‘185 HP’ crowd)

  11. Who said it doesn’t have a manual? You can get a 6 spd manual with v6 or V8! Gas milage isn’t bad for the power you get. The car is awesome!

  12. Pricing will be key for this car. If they keep the V6 in the low 20K range, Chevy won’t be able to keep them in stock even if it is only getting 26mpg (which most people can beat by simply driving sanely)

    My only concern is the weight. That car is some 300lbs heavier than the Mustang GT and the Mustang is a huge friggin pig.

    Oh, and the interior is absolutely stunning. GM really hit a home run there.

  13. 8:54… Isn’t this the stick-shift version in the pics? A real sports car needs one.

    I like this car a lot. The interior is going to win a lot of people over. The last Camaro sold really well, and it had a shit interior. So Chevy won’t be able to make enough of these! I drove a CTS recently with the illuminated dash that wrapped around the door. It’s a very subtle, cool effect. I’ll bet it won’t be this bright.

  14. With 4-door midsize family sedans pushing 280 hp, the Camaro’s base 300 hp is spot on. It would be embarassing for a RWD sport coupe to make any less. And the Camaro’s 26 mpg hwy is just as good as the aforementioned sedans. All in all the V6 Camaro should be pretty popular.

  15. I can’t speak for anyone else but for me, the more power the better. However I appreciate an efficient application of power. I’m all for 400+ hp V8 engines and all, but if it’s carbureated, has 2 valves per cylinder and has 3 on the tree well whats the point. At the end of the day I still gotta pay $4.30/gal. Financially speaking that’s not very practical for me. I think the D.I. V6 is a great option. It’s got 300 hp for crying out loud! That’s more power than a Corvette put out in the 80’s and part of the 90’s.

    Also, let’s not forget that there are people out there (believe it or not) that want the look of the V8 car but don’t want the expense of a V8. Power cost money. Gas, maintenance, insurance and initial purchasing costs are all more. Nobody is going to buy a 4 cyl or 6 cyl Camaro because they are looking for an economy car. But they will buy it because it will look great and not be bad on gas. If you want an economy car, get a Cobalt HF or a Focus or a Civic or whatever. But if you want a cool looking car that’s not bad on gas, well Chevy’s got you covered. And yes, I’d like to see a turbo 4cyl option for this car and also the Mustang and Challenger. I would’nt buy it, but I think it would be a good selling option for customers.

  16. “…and the lack of a manual transmission in a sporting coupe is inexcusable.”

    Isn’t the Camaro going to be available with a 6 spd manual and auto?

  17. I’ve never heard anyone complain about too much HP in a Camaro! Anyway, I still think this car looks like a big exagerated Hot Wheel. I also think the Challenger, the Murano and the 300are along the same lines as a Hot Wheel. This seemes to be the car trend but I’m not sure if I like it yet…

  18. A 250 HP Camaro will always beat a 250+ HP Odessey! What’s the big deal? Even if they ever made a Dodge Grand Caravan R/T with the 6.1, the Camaro would win every time, you know why? WEIGHT. (The R/T won’t happen anytime soon because it would HAVE to be AWD to handle all that power and they no longer offer AWD on any of their models, so the investment would be too much for such a van, unless they brought back AWD for the lower models to make the manufacuting cost worth it.) Btw, an Odessey Si would be crazy hilarious!

  19. Why look a gift horse(power) in the mouth?

    If that comes running on 87 oct., the game is over and the Camaro wins.

  20. Soul brother, the 3.6 has direct injection, which prevents premature ignition, so it can take regular despite the high compression ratio (11.3:1), and still get 300 hp. I want one…

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