Mystery car?

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Not exactly sure what this is.
The person who sent it to me took it just a couple of weeks ago. It does look like a US Focus to me.

But why is it covered so much?
What are they testing?
Would they revise it again?
That much that soon?
Is it a Mercury version?

What do you think?

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  1. can’t imagine a Mercury version given the upcoming replacement. This is very obviously a camo’d Focus. But why is the question…

  2. Looks like a Jetta. Have not seen any photos of what the next version is supposed to look like, maybe this is it?

  3. this is not a fusion…looks way too small to be one, and the wheels look just like the ones off of the current 08 focus. maybe it’s a mule for the next generation focus? or maybe another silly redesign of the current platform 🙁

  4. If it is a Focus in camouflage, maybe they’re prepping to rebadge it as a Mercury Tracer when the next generation Focus hits the market. It could give Mercury an inexpensive compact car to finish out its existence on the auto scene. A Tracer/Milan/Mariner lineup would be a perfect finale lineup to end Mercury’s time in the market since all three cars would be marketable in a fuel efficiency conscious market.

    If it is a Fusion, then we all know why it is masquerading around, it is due for a midcycle refresh soon.

  5. Hmm-call me crazy but I have a hunch that this could be the next VW Polo sedan(like a Jetta, but a size smaller).

  6. Have you guys ever considered the fact that it just might be an old spyshot of the current Ford Focus? I mean, the high decklid says it’s the Focus. The wheels remain the same and the Focus isn’t due for a refresh anytime soon. Mercury version? Blasphemy.

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